Homeboy sandman - Wondering why

Why you bring it up if it wasn't that great?
Why you wanna hate?
If she ain't game when you say hey why you wanna go on that date?
Why you eat that if you wanna lose weight?
Why you sit there if you got the whole train?
Why you wear those if you know it's gonna rain?
Why you want mine when you got your own plate?
Why you got rice knew you wanted lo mein?
Why you cop that when you know it's low grade?
Why you go pay when you knew it wasn't okay?
Why you make plans when you know you gonna flake?
Why you say gold when you know it's gold plate?
Why you Facebooking all your flames?
Why you take tums 'stead of takin rolaids?
Why they ain't give Puerto Rico no aid
Yet this weekend is the Puerto Rican day parade?

As hours go by
I look to the sky
I'm wondering why

Why there ain't no more rap groups?
Why I don't know the real ways just back routes?
Why do little kids got tattoos?
Why do vegans act like meat taste like jackfruit?
Why do everybody got bad news?
Why do everybody wanna be bad dudes?
Why you on line for a pair of shoes?
Why is it so hard to find plain raw cashews?
Why are people so fickle?
Why do chicks get so strong when they being tickled?
Why do sandwiches have pickles?
Why do men have nipples?
Why do planes make me fart?
Why would I complain when I'm alive making art?
Why could Lois never tell superman's Clark?
Why did Zack and Slater never try to bang lark?
Tell me!

As hours go by
I look to the sky
I'm wondering why
As hours go by
I look to the sky
I'm wondering why

Why my mind so dirty?
Why I'm up late if I gotta wake early?
If nobody asked why you giving advice?
Why are folks embarrassed that they neighborhood nice?
If Thanos care about people so much why he ain't just snap his fingers and make twice as much stuff?
Why you keep looking when you know you can't touch?
Why you keep hooking up you know you have bumps?
Why you rep celebrities instead of friends?
Why they even make non peanut M&Ms?
Why do children always say wanna make a bet?
Children don't have any bread
Why do people make the bed?
They just gonna mess it up later
Why don't anybody ever vote for Ralph Nader?
If Apollo landed why there wasn't no crater?
If Apollo landed why that shit seem so made up?

As hours go by
I look to the sky
I'm wondering why

Writers: Angel Del Villar

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