Islands - I feel evil creeping in

In the back of my mind
I want to do bad things
I want to be unkind
When I'm in my room
I love the shadows
Of my bad bones
I have thoughts I won't share
Because I don't think I could bear to face you
With the lights on
I feel evil creeping in
My blood is dirty and I like it
I like it that way
I could see the whole city
When I pushed you
Out of my fucking way
I left the sun on your skin
So when I wore it
It would fit me
In the corner of my room
When the ceiling's feeling thin
I feel evil creeping in
I feel evil creeping in
A beacon landed on the shoulders
With a beak to regurgitate good words
I told her bird is the word
Little nettle stinging
Numbing poison seeping in
Humming, "lost the feeling of the vessel sinking"
Like sleeping in
The S.O.S. was lost on me
My crew were swimming
In a turgid sea
It was me
It was me who committed
The felony
I love the blame
Take my hands
I'll take suffering
I feel evil creeping in
When I behave
Nobody cares
When I behave badly
Nobody dare cross me
I feel evil creeping in

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