Jagged edge - Lets get married
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see, first of all
i know these so-called playas wouldnt tell you this
but I'mma be real and say whats on my heart
lets take this chance and make this love feel relevent
didnt you know i loved you from the start, yeah

when i think about
all these years weve put in this relationship
who knew wed make it this far
then i think about
where would i be if we were to just fall apart
and i cant stand the thought of losing you

1- meet me at the alter in your white dress
we aint gettin no younger, we might as well do it
been feeling you all the while girl i must confess
girl lets just get married
i just wanna get married

repeat 1

said i done it all
but frankly girl im tired of this emptiness
i wanna come home to you and only you
cause makin love to just anyone aint happenin
i just gotta be with you

do you think about
us finishing somethin we started so long ago
i wanna give you my all
do you think about maybe us havin some babies
come on wont you be my lady forever yeah

im ready to commit to you
and i just cant wait for that night
cause i need you hear with me
and lets start a family

repeat 1

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