Bushwick bill - Don't come to big

Heh heh, a ho ho ho
Oh my goodness gracious, yo Bido, check it out G
He he, yooo

[Bushwick Bill]
I met this freaky thing, Juanita Madlock
She had a gat, big juicy fat cock
She thought that she was too much for me to deal with
Told her kick off her shoes, unpeel bitch
You can't deal with this dick from Bushwick
You said that, talk was cheap and her pussy was deep
It's not the size of the shit but the motion of the open
So there's nothin to be provin, bitch, get to movin
And rub my nuts, cause it's soothin
And don't be too rough, cause I'ma kick you in your stuff
She was goin strong, I had it goin on
With ease, I eased, her panties to her knees
Protectin myself, with the rubber-tussin
But the son of a bitch kept bustin
I was bumrushin, dick hard as trig
Man them lambskins don't come too big

They don't come too big
I know, I know, they don't come too big - HA!
They don't come too big
I know, I know, they don't come too big - YES

[Bushwick Bill]
People hear my jams cause they slammin
And ask who in the fuck do I think I am?
It's Bushwick, to you Mr. be
Talk that he got his shit, now I'm put ya out your misery
Yeah that's right, step the fuck back
And don't be callin me no motherfuckin Bushwack
It's Bushwick, you dick-suckin tricks
I oughta kick your ass cause your brain don't click
Witcha want to be cool-ass, fool-ass
Act like you never enrolled within a school class
Huffin and puffin, want to fight, makin angry sounds
A nigga weighin two-hundred ninety-seven pounds
But I laughed, that's a small task
Told him run on up, nuttin said, nuttin asked
Cause I, never renegged on pullin the trig'
You ho motherfuckers don't come too big


[Bushwick Bill]
Back to Juanita, the peter eater
This bitch swallowed my sperm by the 2-liter
She said that my dick tasted much sweeter yeah
Baby who knows her pose, bend over touch your toes
And close your mouth fore a minute
Before I end up stickin my dick in it
And you can't handle that, it's too massive
Girl I fuck around and block your wind passage
Bang bang, I was doin my thang
And the way I swang that bitch couldn't hang
I, made the bitch do, yoga
I, rocked the boat, tipped the boat over
Fired up a cig, grabbed the gin, took a swig
Stuck my dick in, and I dug, can you dig?
I was runnin through that ass like an 18-wheeler rig
I let them hoes know they don't come too big, check it

[Chorus] - 2X w/ ad libs

[ad libs to fade]

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