Bushwick bill - Stop lying

[Bushwick Bill]
Why you lie about that bitch you said you fucked last week
You coulda bought the funky ho cause yo the pussy was cheap
Me and her been fuckin daily since the time we met
You mean to tell me you ain't fucked that ol' dumb bitch yet?
Get yourself a new approach and stop your lyin an' shit
You couldn't fuck her so I know she never sucked your dick
I ain't simple-minded nigga, put your lies on the shelf
Cause you ain't satisfyin me or your God damned self
Let me give you for-instance with this kid named Chris
Who used to say he fucked a bitch because she gave him a kiss
Stupid silly motherfucker with his crotch in his hand
Tellin dirty bed stories to a full grown man
I had to stop him in his tracks and had to put him in check
Cause he was gettin out of hand and he was gettin erect
Went and bought the boy some pussy, nigga fucked it off
Gave the tramp a 20 spot, she gave the shit right back
But when he came out the room, I had to shut Chris up
Cause I'll be damned if he ain't tell me he and she ain't fucked
You a faggot if you stick your dick head in shit
But you a pussy if you sit and tell a lie on your dick
So check it

[Bushwick Bill]
My boy Kevin was a brother known for fuckin a bitch
Used to leave with my rubbers, and come back with a itch
Even Kevin started lyin when the girls got low
When we asked if he fucked, he ain't never said no
He just laughed, and told us that the job was done
So we took it for granted, and never questioned one
Now they're sweatin me, I'm fuckin everyone he's had
Or he claimed he had, and it's just too damn bad
that many brothers must resort to tellin lies on Jim
Over and over again, I've seen many of them
Try to front like they be mackin, Bushwick's the mack
And any bitch that you'll attract will attest to that
Too short for short fuckin, just long and stiff
And a pocket full of bullets for the niggaz who riff
You a faggot if you stick your dick head in shit
But you a pussy if you sit and tell a lie on your dick
So check it

[Bushwick Bill]
Ain't a girl that me and Ak and Willie D can't fuck
Rap-A-Lot got it good, and we be fuckin shit up
Too smooth to be forgotten, yo they must want more
Whether bathroom kitchen table, sink or the floor
So check it

[ad libbed sounds of an argument about fucking hoes]

[Bushwick Bill]
But some lie, and that ain't even cool at all
Before you lie on your Jimmy, give your cousin a call or somethin
Take it from long dick Bushwick Bill
Fuckin bitches every day with the 12 inch kill
Like Monique, a typical run-around-ass freak
Who used to act like she was it but kept her ass in the street
Used to front on Bushwick Bill like she was oh so sweet
But now my record's doin good and yo she's under my sheets
So check it

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