Mac dre - Fresno county jail

I meet this hizzole at the shizzle doper than patizle
But she was good to gizzle
I asked her for her name
Told bout my game
Could go with the dope man I messed her brain
We talked for a while-n man she couldent stop smiling
I took her to the bizar and bought her with my while n
The girl got to perkin her monkey started working
She talked bout her love life and how her heart was hurting
I knew this girl was cute what else was I to do
I paid for the drink n cut out on my crew
Took her to my limoe fired up some indo
She said she was hot to I rolled down my window
She rolled it right back up I asked her
Wat was up?
She said when I was hot that meant im ready to fuck!
She bit my ear started kissing my chest
Started a smile all over this crazy mess
When she got to my dick I was ready to pop
I said if u aint dont drink it girl you better stop
She kept blowing and all she saw was 50 million
Babies on swiming her jock
She was all on my dick straigh slomping it up
Stop suckin started fuckin we was straight towin it up
Naster than a dam pornographic
I started beating her up like a gymnastic
I busted 1,2,3,4,5 man the pussy was all the way live
When I got off the cock I fired up the dosher

Mac Mutha Fuckin Dre!

And the beat don't stop
And the beat don't stop

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