Joyner lucas - Comprehensive evaluation (skit)

Hey buddy, come in and have a seat
Your mom told me you didn't wanna come in and see me today because of our last conversation
And I apologize, buddy, I really do
I shouldn't have lashed out like that
I was out of character
I mean, you're only eight years old
And I had no business talking to you that way
So I wanted to extend a very sincere apology to you
You think we can be friends and get over this?

I guess so

That a boy
And I promise from this day forward
that if you don't act like a little fucking retard and piss me off again, I won't lash out like that
There's consequences for everything, Joyner
You act like a little prick, you get the mean doctor you don't wanna see
It's that simple
Now, mom tells me you don't really like the prescription I gave you

Not really

Well, what if I told you that I had a prescription that you can't get at the pharmacy?

Like what?

You ever used cocaine, Joyner?

What's that?

How about lean?

I never heard of it

Give me your backpack


I'm gonna put a few things in there for you
And I guarantee this will take all your ADHD away for good
How's that sound?


It'll be our little secret

I'm not sure about this

Don't tell mom
If you do, no more treatment for you

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