Smoke dza - By any means

You know we gotta shoot shit up, right?
Let's go, uh

Like it or not, nigga
I'm the new voice of the streets
You wanna eat, you gotta make an appointment with me
It cost ten bands just for my lawyer to speak
I met a plug and showed 'em how far loyalty reach, uh

All my niggas is risk-takers and wave-movers
For the ones that relate to it
The number was too good to be true, I had to pace through it
We make music to move weight to it

Let the rumors tell I maneuver well
I'm gettin' chips so I can't keep my bitch
Outta Bloomingdale's (uh)
It go through the mail to a scale
Anybody can do it, but you get rich

if you do it well
They tried to touch us, but to no avail
I had the ends but copped the depths 'cause they was low as hell
Outlaws, say we can't do it, we gon' go rebel
Master the market, nigga

we know it sell
Me and Smoke like weed and Coke
Hundred kis of dope hit the Port of Miami via boat
If it's 'bout paper, we approach
I'm stretchin', John Legend, pressin' kis

and seein' notes
Know I run into tree like Sonny Bono
Slay rapper for sport, pro bono
Live action, no slo-mo
Most these niggas is overrated like Romo (uh)

You know real trap niggas get it in droughts (in droughts)
Price is high 'round my way, so I went south (I went south)
Took my white bitch, fake ass, slick mouth (ah)
Lemme know, you wanna hold then I'm in route

(By any means, nigga) By any means (uh-huh)
Go get a bag and run it up with your team (with your team)
RFC and Griselda, the regime (that's the squad)
No religion, my faith is in the triple beam
I got it by any means (any means)

This for all my niggas that's grindin', my nigga
E'rybody takin' risks to get this cash (uh)

Stay in your lane, don't wanna chat if it ain't about puro
Ten boxes, a thousand pounds, this order's a sumo
Detectives is thirsty, slammed my little man all on his culo
Still ain't happened to find the package, I give him his kudos

I can't do business with y'all cats, niggas with small gats
I'm twenty years in, was a menace before rap
Put the work on the stove and get a new charm back
Spend some money with The Butcher and get a coupon back, ah

Writers: Sean Pompey , JEREMIE PENNICK


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