Reason - Thirst

Pop the trunk in the back (trunk in the back, trunk in the back)
We pop the trunk in the back (trunk in the back, trunk in the back)

Look, we partyin' in the hood, 57th and Fig and
Got us a couple of bottles, lookin' for a couple of bitches
Pull up front at the crib, lookin' for parking but sense is
Tellin' us, "This ain't the spot we wanna be," but continue
I'm like, "This shit don't look cool", P tell me to quit bitchin'
Look out the window, see some niggas walkin' up to the entrance
Hopin' they focused on pussy after some Hennessy sippin'
'Cause I done see too many cases, this shit turnin' out different

We pop the trunk in the back (trunk in the back, trunk in the back)
Yeah, pop the trunk in the back (trunk in the back, trunk in the back)

Look, we pop the trunk in the back, gotta stash the belongings
Hopin' we don't become targets, po-po don't come till' the mornin'
We pop the trunk in the back, them niggas into the party
Tattoos all over their neck, distinctive limp while they walkin'
Pop the trunk in the back, hoes walk up to us talkin'
Lightskin with ass and then booze, the pussy don't come that often
Fuck it, we up in this bitch, bend down and tie up my Jordans
Pay 5 dollars to enter, follow them bitches, I'm stalkin'
I'm 18 with a million, she just went out with her homies
Don't get nice to myself, I'm liquored up and I'm horny
They bumpin' YG like Jeezy, I use the wall to support me
Hoop practice up in the morning, right now, I'm focused on scorin'
She pop that trunk, she got back, I need your AIM not your number
All my niggas is thirsty, all my niggas is huntin'
Ro said, "We gotta shake, baby girl, it's nice to meet ya"
I turn around and look up, I see them thumbin' two fingers
That's them neigborhood niggas, it's also Grapes in the building
Family niggas done travelled, couple stragglers entered
DJ said, "Let's turn it up", he played "Geeked Up" by Jeezy
Now niggas throwin' up hoods, shit, all they need is a reason to

Pop the trunk in the back (trunk in the back, trunk in the back)
Pop the trunk in the back (trunk in the back, trunk in the back)

Ro said, "Nigga let's dip", "This shit crackin, you trippin"
"Let's just shake kinda early" "Calm down, you lookin' suspicious"
Tay said he heard some commotion, couple niggas was crippin'
At least I think that's what he said, shit me and P on the bitches
We headed back to the back, Ro like, "Fuck it, what's happenin'?"
If shit pop off, it pop off, I'm too focused on smashin'
Shit, I'm like "Yeah, that's my nigga," plus midnight just happened
That means slow sessions is startin', Pretty Ricky be crackin'
I'm on the floor with a ratchet, some nigga yelled out, "What's brackin'"
I looked up and he cracked him, this homie pulled out, he blastin'
Niggas panicked and scramblin', bullets ricocheted off the cabinet
I hear cryin' and screamin', I feel the wind flyin' past me
We hopped the gate in the back, hop a couple more to be cautious
My niggas, we know the drill, this shit done happen too often
We finally get to the whip, Dante still on the bitches
I'm like, "Nigga, let's roll, no time for parking lot pimpin'"
He get the last couple digits, I'm like, "Nigga, you trippin'
Know it's grimy out here, that bitch ain't worth it, we dippin'"
We pull off in the whip, that was just there when we entered
Pull 38 to the deuce, one had a 9 with extensions
They popped the trunk and went back

Ayo bro, pass me that, come on, hurry up! Pass me that, shit!
Nigga, I'm movin!
Hurry up, bro, them niggas still there?
Cuz, what's crackin'? Nigga, I said what's crackin'?
Ay, we bout' to air this shit out!
Man, fuck them bitch ass niggas!

Writers: Robert Gill

Lyrics © Songtrust Ave

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