21 savage - Who run it

Straight up

.223 Diamondback with the drum, nigga (straight up)
Choppa like to crush a lot, Big Pun nigga (straight up)
I've been taking money ever since I was young, nigga (straight up)
Sneak dissin', niggas cuttin' out your tongue, nigga (straight up)
Real street nigga, I ain't doin' no cappin', nigga, I ain't told no lies (21)
I don't give a fuck if I got a hunnid' million, I'm keepin' my .45 (on God)
Walkin' up on ya nigga, point blank range, we ain't doin' no drive-by's (yeah)
I still right here wit' hollows, nigga, and I got my Glock out (facts)
She keep tryna watch Netflix, bitch, I'm pullin' my cock out (straight up)
Hit her with the dick and I left that bitch cockeyed (straight up, straight up)
All these VVS's, I made your bitch cockeyed (21, 21)
Talkin' out your neck, you get your T-shirt tie-dyed (on God)
I'm on Percocet's, I think I'm finna skydive (yeah)
You little pussycat, you must think you got nine lives (21)
I'm so sick of all this fruity shit, you niggas on thin ice
That stick gon' cut you half-time, now these niggas wanna switch sides (straight up)
I ain't really with that takin' shit, lil' nigga, I'm walkin' up (straight up)
That .30 like a tree lil' nigga, watch where you barkin' up (straight up)
We got way too many shots, y'all lil' niggas can't dodge enough (on God)
We can even challenge ya, 'cause y'all lil' niggas ain't charged enough (fast)
Quarter million dollar for a walkthrough (straight up)
Get the utmost respect when I walk through (straight up)
I love the way you suck that dick, lil' bitch, don't forget who taught you (straight up)
Way too much, can't stalk you (straight up)
Bogeyman, nigga, I'll haunt you (on God)
All these bullets 'round me, nigga, I ain't got time to punch you (21)
Hit 'em wit' the 3-2, all y'all niggas see through (yeah)
Broad day, I'll see food, had to hit a lick at Kiku (yeah-yeah)
Lil' bitch I don't need you (yeah-yeah)
Hell nah, I can't eat you (yeah-yeah)
Let the whole gang G you, then I left that bitch at Jeju (yeah-yeah)
You must be scared or some, nigga, let's bet the spread or some (21)
That's your main bitch, but I bet that lil' bitch spread for some (on God)
I got all these blues like I ain't bangin' red or somethin' (trre)
I bought all these cars like l ain't got no legs or somethin' (yeah)
Fuck that other side, pull up in ya hood switch it (21)
Sex, money, murder, two guns, nigga, big B's (21)
Every time I hit that bitch she come back like a Frisbee (yeah)
I ain't got time to play with nobody kids, go watch Disney (yeah)
Skin made of concrete, nigga, you can never be me (21)
My brother down the road with a touchscreen and a FeFe (BF)
Candlelight gang, leave a nigga on the TV (21)
Fish fry gang, y'all can't even afford to die
Bitch, I'm way too real, I can't even afford to lie

Writers: Shayaa Abraham-Joseph

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