Joyner lucas - Dna. (remix)

I got, I got, I got, I got anger, hate and jealousy inside my DNA
I got envy and bad energy inside my DNA
I got snakes and Satan entities inside my DNA
I got demons, pain and enemies inside my DNA
I got passion, guts and action tucked inside my DNA
I got pints of Michael Jackson's blood inside my DNA
I got Captain Crunch and Magic Dust inside my DNA
I don't do massive drugs, don't gas me up
Look, I got, I got, I got, I got
Murder all on my conscious
I might take me a hostage
I fell asleep in Worcester, I just woke up in Compton
Shout out to LA, where your songs play niggas gon' put on my shit
Half of you niggas fake, heart full of clay
What's your last name? Thompson?
Even if you join a gang, that don't really change up the fact you the softest
Don't let the colors get to your head
Who the fuck you think you are, Rodman?
Who the fuck you think you are, Ron O'Neal?
I'mma murder everything, I don't chill
If you lucky, then I might let you eat the scraps off whatever's left I'll kill
Nigga, pull it and bap bap
Blow your brains over your crop top
Sick of niggas thinking they hot shots
Full of jokes, niggas get knock knocked
This is the chop shop
I know where they cooking the Crock-Pot
Semi-auto making them Hopscotch
All my life I've been cock blocked
I'm tired of being stuck in a blood clot
Talking that blah blah
I'm runnin', jumpin', duckin' them cops
Hop in the puddle while you jumping on FOX trucks
You can run all you want, we just gon' see how far you can get
If fans want me do features with their favorite rappers that'd be the best
Look, all them niggas know exactly who I am, but they don't give me no respect
'Cause the problem is they don't fuck with me, everybody see me as a threat
Yeah yeah, I know this sounds like some fresh air
If you don't hear me right use your left ear
I want to say that I'm the next up
I want it last year, they said next year
I want it this year, they say not yet
But I'mma take it from whoever got next
Twin deuce-deuces, I'm Clyde Drexler
What is competition, who gon' die next?
Get dissected in the lab with pliers, pencils, and a razor with my initials
Get stabbed by the guy who sent you
I'mma sign, send you the pollution, environmental
I'm a giant pistol, you're a kung fu guy
It's simple, you gon' lead by my example
I'm a flying missile that connected and fried your mental
DNA on the side your temple, nigga

Oh, shit

Someone call 911, niggas gon' die when I'm finished
I'll probably get locked up for life, what the fuck you thinkin'?
My whole life I been too fuckin' patient
Give me respect before I fuckin' take it
I know you see me don't duck your faces
You see me mentioned on publications
Then you get sour and suck your face in
Pay for my dick since you love to taste it
Better swallow the shit, don't you fuckin' waste it
I'mma flood the nation, this is suffocation, this is deprivation
This is Satan's kitchen, that's your destination
I got heavyweightin' angles flyin', prayin'
Jesus entertainin', Marvin Gay singin'
Martin Luther dreamin', Pac and Biggie schemin'
Bob Marley smokin', Paul McCartney floatin'
Prodigy mobbin', Pun say I'm joking
JFK riddin' 'round like a loaded nigga
Shout out to Joe Budden
These niggas really don't know nothin'
I swear they came from the home office
I should just run up and
No one seen, nobody know nothin'
This shit is so touchin'
Shout out to Kevin Durant
This that underdog court that they throw us in
I blow your shoulders in
This that crack, this that shit that them hoes got they nose up in
Cinematic, movie shit I usually watch a little static
I crack you 'til you're leaking and then begin to panic
A DNA'll bleed a nigga
Livin' damaged and get jimmy jammers
And I never had too many manners
And you know my momma always told me I was heavy handed
Fuck it though 'cause I was fully loaded
Now the semi jammin', I'm already blammin'
Got the hammer and the minivan
And I'm a busy man but I got liquor
And she bad and boujee
All they got snitches is Ratatouille
Can't beat me up so they gotta shoot me
They don't like me now they gotta sue me
Killin' y'all softly, I got the Fuji
Don't touch me, all of y'all got the cooties
That's your bitch who sent me all the nudies
Get my dick sucked playin' Call of Duty
Nigga fuck you, shoot shoot me
Nigga damn it they ought to know
Em shoulda' signed me a while ago
Cole shoulda' signed me a while ago
Dre shoulda' gave me a beat or two
Diddy shoulda' had me writin'for him in the crib for a week or two
I don't smoke weed but I needed to
This is a meter room
You gon' need a bag and a feet or two
I'm mad and I mean it too
It won't be the last I'll see you soon
Kiss my ass and I mean it too
A lotta drama
Bitch I'm Freddy Krueger mixed with Jeffrey Dahmer
I know you're probably mad 'cause you look very sour
I'd probably be in hell if I was any hotter
I'd probably be Usher if I ain't wear a condom
I've never been a fan of Gucci Fendi Prada
But my auntie got it and she never leave the crib without it
Some people say I'm crazy, that's the the thing about it
Watchu think about it? Think about it, nigga

(Gimme some ganja)

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