Pete yorn - Sans fear

I wake still shaking from a dream
The life I want to lead
But I'm not started all brand new
Get cool in losing you
Oh, we know
At least we hope so
Oh we know there's something better than before

And I can never change you
I can only change my view

We tried, we seen what is true
I hate to bring this up
Normalcy, just don't agree with me
I hate this big disguise

Oh now, I go to sleep my dear
In your arms for the final time no fear

'Cause I will never change you
I will never change you
I will only change my view

And my eyes are open
I wish yours could be open too
But something, something, something
Won't let me wake you

While awake, still shaking from the dream
The life I have to lead
Every night I toss and turn I try
To open up your eyes
Open up your eyes
Your eyes

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