Von simms - Remember me


Von Simms

Kd beats what up

Anthem what up


I see you big Will

I been up writing my goal is to get the whole world to remember me just like a Titan
Smoking on Viking
Some niggas ain't get that bar
That purple we see it we light it
Hit the mall im with my niggas
See a couple bitches
See my squad they get excited
I be just chilling
Females they all on the kid
I feel like the dark skin is winning
Or maybe I'm tripping
This is for any chick that ever played me
Just please keep your distance
Please keep that pussy nobody don't want it
All of my niggas broke bread and you fronting
Bitches be sucking
No I'm not cuffing
They be at my crib it don't mean that I'm loving
Really I'm hurting
Jusr lost my sister
On top of that momma got booked
This is urgent
I'm far from perfect
Yeah yeah yeah
These females get cut like a surgeon
I need me a virgin
But that ain't gon happen
When it's time to eat divide it in fractions
Yall niggas fold when it's light camera action
Let my bro will steer the wheel he the caption
All of my niggas gon eat like the Jacksons
All of my niggas gon eat like the Jacksons
Now we just feasting
Young nigga came from the bottom
I'm bout to start charging for features
I spit that ether
Got the whole ville right behind me
Her pussy so wet like Dasani
I'm thinking like when will they sign me
These niggas so fake and so grimy
on my own wave so don't time me
Just look at my chain it's so shiny
The same ones
That claim they your friends
Gone talk about you when you walk away
I'm not here for the bullshit
Why you bull shitting what you got to say
All I do is work work work work work
Work to get a Grammy
I just do this for the family music is my passion hope they understand me
Same nigga never change up
I can't forget about my niggas
All we know we get it and they living dangerous
Told y'all niggas y'all can't hang with us
I think y'all tripping off that angel dust
Cut that bitch off ain't no making up
A niggas stressing bout to face a dutch
We here to stay ain't no replacing us
Wake up is grinding time
I'm getting money you counting mine
Worry bout whats on your plate
I'm getting high as a plane but see snakes
Don't talk to the jakes
I gotta have faith
I'm praying and hoping my mom beat this case
Me and my brother we holding the weight
And that nigga work out bout every day
I'm tryna get right
People always tell me I'm too polite
These niggas be hearing my flow and they bite
A nigga been buzzing this year looking light
I'm bouta take flight
When I get the rock it's space jam
I slam on your chick
My bro toss the keys to the whip
It's all in the flick in the wrist
And speaking bout wrist
Your timing is off
I'm taking proper steps on being a boss
I can't take a loss
Don't look at me just for my flaws
Niggas get book like they don't know the law
Always use a condom never go raw
If I don't bring one she using her jaw
When i walk in its a round of applause
When I walk in its a round of applause
So many wholes I feel like Santa clause
Is it my presence
I'm bout to go book me a session
They talking can't finish they sentence
Me I'm just venting
Niggas pretending
I gotta make it all the shit I done been in


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