Lil Yachty Valee - WOMBO

Yeah, ooh, ooh, ooh, yeah, aye
Pussy, pussy (ChaseTheMoney, ChaseTheMoney)

I just talked to Sam
He just told me he stuffed 30 birds inside a ham
Drove it in a Ram
Told that bitch to hit my phone when I come back in town
He want smoke online but in person didn't make a sound
Money on his head, shit shine brighter than a crown
24 inch rims got my truck sittin' off the ground
Teryaki bitches, send no swishes, doin' dishes
I just changed the paint on my whip, it look vicious
Shawty in my head, said my hair look like liquorice
Then she saw my smile, said my diamonds is ridiculous
My bitch hate my friends, said they all act so niggerish
But she gon' stick around 'cause I got more green than a Celtic
More green then an Irish, boogers in my bracelet
Look like I just caught a virus, can you dig it like Osiris?
Made a couple million and it only made me childish
Call me Pedi Peter gettin' a pedicure out in Panama
Been backstabbed so much, should've played for Razorbacks out in Arkansas

ChaseTheMoney, ChaseTheMoney

All white two door S, that's a Montecarlo
And I got 90 racks stashed at the condo
And I rock Off-White sneakers like Aldo
Police pulled me over, I told 'em, "I'on' know"
Black and white two seater, look like piano
Yellowbone live, only known by commercials
Hope you don't run up, my nine gon' hurt you
Percocet 15, I took it, I'm dizzy
She choosin', I'm picky, can't fuck if it's fishy
I got a new boo and she yellow like Jiffy
I hit from the side and I leave her, she miss me
Yeezy 700s, I might rock 'em mismatched
Smokin' exotic, it sound like a dispatch
I go to Spondivits to get surf and turf
I don't stay at Four Seasons, I stay at the Trump
Outside the spot, I parked on a speed hump
Watch 'em face up in my flat, got my feet up
She givin' me neck off a Addy, she be up
Cleanin' her face off like she got a bump
I'm in a old school, so my bitch got a rump
I had to restore it, it took 'em two months
I'm steppin' on gas, but not at the pump
I bought her designer, but not from the jump

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