Homeboy sandman - God

God never stops paying attention
Everything's gon' be fine, leave it to divine intervention
God got reasons for shit that's gut-wrenching
I don't have enemies, God don't have henchmen
My journey got lots of destinations
None of which I doubt, God don't need to offer explanations
That don't mean that we don't stay in conversation
Only that I cannot comprehend the massive implications
God makes me cry and then makes me laugh
God gives me tests and that helps me pass
God is overseeing so I never really fail
I don't refer to God as he cause God is not a male
God gives me dreams, God gives me bed-bugs
The big and the small, God gives it all
So i dig it all
God walks with me
There's a million different ways that God talks with me
Sometimes through others, sometimes through myself
Sometimes through the failing of my health
Sometimes through music, and sometimes through events
Sometimes it's subtle, sometimes it's intense
God gave me my best friends, that rep me to the death with no regrets
Yo God bless them
People give me credit see me always on my job
Every time I get it I just give it up to God

God (God), God (God), God (God)

God is great
God makes the corrections, I make the mistakes
But it ain't like God is always on my case
God is my peoples, God ain't tryna' put me in my place
God is merciful indeed
God watches over me and gives me everything I need
If I feel jealous ever
It's only because I have forgotten what I should remember
I walk through fire without burning, that's God
What I know without learning, that's God
I don't do nothing for money
All I try to do is what I think God wants from me
Sometimes I try to figure out the angles
But I ain't gotta understand God I'm just Angel
But angel is divine
And God is all that's higher because God is on my side
God knows me
Everything I need to see, God shows me
I realize I should stop being nosey
There is nothing in this world God owes me
Only God can judge me
But God would never judge me, God loves me
Never second, the infinite
Every second of every minute

God (God), God (God), God (God)

Writers: Paul Michael Williams White , Angel Del Villar

Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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