Margo Guryan - The Hum


Words and Music by Margo Guryan

The heat is down and the lights are low
The East is buried in an icy snow
The West is following crisis rules
They can't go swimming in their swimming pools

And the tapes go hmm-mm-mm-mm…..

The prices rise and the Market falls
The trucks go slow and the Congress stalls
The V.P. left with the dough he took
And the P. tells the world he's not a crook

And the tapes go hmm-mm-mm-mm…..

The A.G.* said he'd do anything
To help the President become the King
The kingdom then became cold and empty
All except for San Clemente

And the tapes go hmm-mm-mm-mm…..

The rich save money and the poor save gas
We vote for an elephant and get an ass
He hires and he fires, he appoints and sacks
But he can't figure out his income tax

And the tapes go hmm-mm-mm-mm….

*Attorney General

© 1974 (renewed) DARTMOOR MUSIC
Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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