Mac dre - Dangerous
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A lot of people say when they smoke weed
It makes them feel nervous or not in control.
Not for me. When I smoke weed I just feel good.
You know, this one time I was in the Bay
Hangin' out with some of my buddies, smokin' a blunt.
Everyone's getting highfy.
Me being the outsider I am,
I wanna be involved to.
So I jump in my buddies car,
I'm ghost ridin the whip down E. 14th St,
But he forgot to tell me he didn't have a wheel alignment.
One thing pot definitely does it makes you
Shut the Fuck up Bitch!

[Chorus: x2]
Nigga I'm dangerous, A wild big blue pit,
The type of dog you don't really wanna fool with
You get bit cause I'm dangerous
You get bit when my homie stay sippin'


My name Daz I'm a cool what it is nigga
Rollin with some niggas that split a niggas
Wig I'm just chillin' up tryin' to get it popping
Kill you about my paper if you plottin'
Don't stop it I gives a fuck bout what you talking
Give a fuck bout what your hopin'
If you come for mine your body is a target
I got some drink and a swisher full of that shit
Hit you with this pistol I can make you hit
A back flip you know my name you can see it in my face
Ridin' through the streets with heater on my waist
And the last thing I need is a case
I keep bail money with a cool 50 K
Just to remind ya with this pistol
I'll blind ya leave you dead in your tracks nigga
That's where they find ya I'm the most gangsterous
You can think of don't be surprised I'm the nigga you hate to love

[Chorus: x2]

They took Tooky but he still lives in us he tried to say he? give?
Schwarzenegger didn't give a fuck
It's every man for himself
So keep a pistol tucked,
As far as rap goes it ain't hard to see the Crip in Us!
A lot of nerves everybody gotta get rushed
It's like a big picture painted by a killas brush
Self defense be the case I'll be home for lunch
A little drum sticky koosh and a swisher blunt
Daddy was a ridah Moms was a wisher six dead homies
Cause I've been that nigga I'll take your bitch
I don't know if I'm a be back with her
I'm hittin' niggas up every time I start spittin'
Take a peek make your whole block shiver niggas drop and roll
With the shit I deliver I'm a Dogg Pound general
Second in command you cross that line nigga
Your dead where you stand you and your man Nigga

[Chorus: x2]

Now I'm back on a creep 'n real low key
Niggas make a move Fuck an O.G.
Niggas can't hold me I hold heat
And the temperature don't rise slowly it's lonely
On these cold streets Wheel it,
Any car that's available hop out guns out,
Naw we ain't scared of you
Yea it's true, you should see what clip bananas do,
Run up in your crib ain't shit your man you can do.
He'll get hit through his shirt, through his vest, through his T,
Through his chest and when I'm done with him ain't a damn thing left
Just leekin' out his flesh
Pourin' liquor out his vest
And if you ask about me then the answer will be yes. Yes.
This some g shit real niggas fuck
With you can holla when you see me nigga but

[Chorus: x2]


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