Songteksten van Franz Ferdinand

40 Ft
All for you, Sophia
All My Friends
Always Ascending
Auf Achse
Backwards on My Face
Bite Hard
Brief Encounters
Can't Stop Feeling
Cheating On You
Come On Home
Dark of the Matinée
Darts Of Pleasure
Die on the Floor
Do You Want To
Don't Start
Dream Again
Eleanor Put Your Boots On
Evil & a Heathen
Evil And A Heathen
Evil Eye
Fabulously Lazy
Fade Together
Feel the Envy
Feel the Love Go
Feel the Pressure
Feeling Kind of Anxious
Fresh Strawberries
Get up and use me
Ghost in a Ditch
Glimpse of Love
Glimpse Of Love (Version)
Goodbye Lovers & Friends
Goodbye Lovers and Friends
Huck and Jim
I'm Your Villain
If I Can't Have You Then Nobody Can
Jackie Jackson
Jeremy Fraser
Katherine Hit Me
Katherine Kiss Me
L. Wells
Lazy Boy
Let's fade together
Live Alone
Lois Lane
Love & Destroy
Love and Destroy
Love Illumination
Lucid Dreams
Missing You
New Kind of Thrill
No You Girls
Paper Cages
Right Action
Send Him Away
Shopping for Blood
Shut Up Kiss Me
Slow Don’t Kill Me Slow
Stand on the Horizon
Swallow, smile
Take Me Out
Tell Her Tonight
The Academy Award
The Dark Of The Matinee
The Fallen
The Fallen (Ruined by Justice)
The Lobster Quadrille
The Universe Expanded
The Vaguest of Feeling
This Boy
This Fire
Treason! Animals.
Turn It On
Twilight Omens
Van Tango
Walk Away
Well That Was Easy
What She Came For
What You Meant
Words so Leisured
You Could Have It So Much Better
You could have it xo much better
You Diary
You're The Reason I'm Leaving
Your Diary
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