Songteksten van The Faint

A Battle Hymn for Children
Acting: On-Campus Television
Agenda Suicide
Agenda Suicide (Jagz Kooner)
Alien Angel
Amorous In Bauhaus Fashion
An Allusion Passes Through the Bar
Another World
As the Doctor Talks
Ballad of a Paralysed Citizen
Ballad of a Paralysed Citizen (Medicine)
Call Call
Cars Pass In Cold Blood
Casual Sex
Chameleon Nights
Child Asleep
Defy the Ailments
Desperate Guys
Drop Kick the Punks
Evil Voices
Falling Out of Love At This Volume
Fish in a Womb
Forever Growing Centipedes
Fulcrum and Lever
Geeks Were Right
Get Seduced
Glass Danse
Glass Danse World
Help in the Head
How Could I Forget?
I Disappear
I Dissapear
I Treat You Wrong
In Concert
Let The Posion Spill From Your Throat
Let the Poison Spill from Your Throat
Life's A Joke
Lullaby for the...
Machine in the Ghost
Meet Your Master
Mirror Error
Own My Eyes
Phone Call
Posed To Death
Quench The Flame
Repertoire of Uncommon Depth
Sealed Human
Sex Is Personal
Some Incriminating Photographs
Source Of The Sun
Southern Belles In London Sing
Symptom Finger
Syntax Lies
Take me to the hospital
Tandem: City to City
The Conductor
The Geeks Were Right
The Passives
There's Something Not as Valid When the Scenery Is a Postcard
Total Job
Typing: 1974-2048
Victim Convenience
Worked Up So Sexual
Young & Realistic
Your Retro Career Melted