Songteksten van Billy Talent

A Passage to Bangkok
Afraid of Heights
Afraid of Heights (Reprise)
Beach Balls
Big Red Gun
Burn The Evidence
Chasing the Sun
Cold Turkey
Covered In Cowardice
Crooked Minds
Cure for the Enemy
Cut The Curtains
Dead Silence
Definition Of Destiny
Devil In A Midnight Mass
Devil On My Shoulder
Diamond On A Landmine
Don't Count on the Wicked
End of Me
Ever Fallen In Love? (Buzzcocks Cover)
Fallen Leaves
February Winds
For You
Forgiveness I + II
Ghost Ship of Cannibal Rats
Hanging Out With All the Wrong People
Hanging by a Thread
Horses & Chariots
How It Goes
I Beg to Differ (This Will Get Better)
In the Fall
Kingdom Of Zod
Leave Them All Behind
Line & Sinker
Line And Sinker
Living In The Shadows
Living in the shadow
Lonely Road to Absolution
Louder Than the DJ
Love Was Still Around
Man Alive!
Nothing To Lose
One Less Problem
Perfect World
Pins And Needles
Pocketful Of Dreams
Prisoners Of Today
Rabbit Down the Hole
Reckless Paradise
Red Flag
River Below
Runnin' Across the Tracks
Rusted From The Rain
Saint Veronika
Show Me the Way
Stand Up and Run
Standing In The Rain
Sudden Movements
Surprise Surprise
Swallowed Up by the Ocean
Tears Into Wine
The Crutch
The Dead Can't Testify
The Ex
The Navy Song
The Wolf
This Is How It Goes
This Is Our War
This Suffering
Time-Bomb Ticking Away
Try Honesty
Turn Your Back
Viking Death March
Vinking Death March
Voices Of Violence
When I Was A Little Girl
Where is the Line?
White Sparrows
Worker Bees