Songteksten van Badly Drawn Boy

40 Days, 40 Fights
A Better Way
A Bottle of Tears
A Journey from A to B
A Minor Incident
A Peak You Reach
A Pure Accident
Above You Below Me (Electronic Bedroom Version)
Above You, Below Me
All Possibilities
All Possibilties
All Possiblities
Another Devil Dies
Another Pearl
Banana Skin Shoes
Bedside Story
Blistered Heart
Body Rap
Born Again
Born in the U.K.
Bottle of Tears
Camping Next To Water
Can Is Open
Cause A Rockslide
Chaos Theory
Come on Eileen
Coming In To Land
Coming Into Land
Dead Duck
Degrees of Separation
Delta (Little Boy Blues)
Distant Town
Don't Ask Me I'm Only the President
Donna & Blitzen
Donna And Blitzen
Donna and Blitzen (Taken From Radio Live Accoustic Session)
Easy Love
Everybodys Stalking
Exit Stage Right
Fall In A River
Fewer Words
File Me Away
Four Leaf Clover
Golden Days
Have You Fed The Fish?
Holy Grail
I Just Wanna Wish You Happiness
I Love NYE
I Love You All
I Need A Sign
I Saw You Walk Away
I Was Wrong
Imaginary Lines
In Safe Hands
Is This A Dream?
It Came from the Ground
It's What I'm Thinking
Journey from A to B
Let the Sunshine In
Life Turned Upside Down
Logic Of A Friend
Magic In The Air
Meet On The Horizon
My Names Not Down
No Point in Living
No Point in Living (Reprise)
Nothing's Gonna Change Your Mind
Nursery Rhyme/Breather
Once Around The Block
Once Around the Block (Andy Votel Mix)
Once Around the Block (Andy Votel Remix)
One Last Dance
One Plus One Is One
Pissing In The Wind
Plan B
Rachel's Flat
Road Movie
Say It Again
Sha la La
Shake the Rollercoaster
Silent Sigh
Silent Sigh (Acoustic Version)
Silent Sigh (Broadway Project Remix)
Silent Sigh (Radio Edit)
Silent Sigh (Zongamin Remix)
Silent high
Something To Talk About
Something to Talk About (Misty Dixon Remix)
Something to Talk About (Original)
Something to Talk About (The Four Tet Convention Mix)
Stone On The Water
Summertime In Wintertime
Swimming Pool
Take the Glory
Takes The Glory
The Blossoms
The Can Is Open
The Further I Slide
The Long Way Round
The Long Way Round (Swimming Pool)
The Shinig (New Window)
The Shining
The Time of Times
The Treeclimber
The Way Things Used to Be
The new song
Thinking of You
This Is That New Song
This Song
Tickets To What You Need
Too Many Miracles
Using Our Feet
Walk You Home
Walk You Home Tonight
Walking Out Of Stride
Welcome to the Overground
Wet, Wet, Wet
What Is It Now?
What Tomorrow Brings
Where Were You?
Without a Kiss
Year Of The Rat
You Lied
You Were Right