Songteksten van Arrested Development

Ache'n for Acres
Africa's Inside Me
Amazing (feat. Configa) [Gutter Remix]
Amazing (feat. Configa) [Higher Level Remix]
Back Down (feat. Cris Acosta)
Becoming (feat. Configa)
Becoming (feat. Configa) [Video Edit]
Building from the Bottom (feat. Speech, 1 Love, Configa & 4ize)
Children Play with Earth
Dawn of the Dreads
Do or Die the Mantra (feat. Configa)
Ease My Mind
Fishin' 4 Religion
Fishing 4 Religion
Fountain of Youth
Give a Man a Fish
Honeymoon Day
In the South
Journey On (feat. Cris Acosta)
Kneelin' at My Altar
Mama's Always on Stage
Man's Final Frontier
Mister Landlord
Moses (feat. Cris Acosta)
Mr. Wendal
Mr. Wendall
Never Had Your Back (feat. Speech, Configa & Ke'Andra)
Pardon You For Disrupting (feat. MRK SX)
People Everyday
People Everyday (Maroon Mix)
People Everyday (Metamorphosis Mix)
Peoples Everyday
Play With Fire (feat. Let the Dirt Say Amen & Fro Magnum Man)
Praisin' U
Raining Revolution
Since the Last Time
Sunset in Ghana (feat. O'hene Savant, Rambo & Configa)
Tennessee (Back to Roots Mix)
Tennessee (Pirate Radio Mix)
The Forsaken (feat. Configa)
The Gettin'
The Same People (feat. SKYY HIGH 305, Kuf Knotz , Christine Elise & Configa)
United Front
United Minds
Vibe (feat. Big Daddy Kane, Cleveland P Jones, Speech & Tasha LaRae) [Acapella]
WMFW (We Must Fight and Win) FM
Wag Your Tail
Washed Away
We'll See (feat. Cris Acosta)
Yes Always
Young Americans