Songteksten van Fictionaleyez

A Blanket Made for One
A Memory in Your Make-Believe
A Moment Of
A Welcome That Never Came
Afraid Of The Fate Of Her
After Hours Opera Drag Theme
All the Way from Here
And I Don't Know Where to Go
Baby, You're Worth It
Because You Are My Darling
Before Anyone Knows I Was Here
Behind Her Eyes Hiding Inside
Bracing For Anything
Cabin Fever
Dear Dominik
Diagnose Me
Direct Me
Don't Tell Me Not To
Duplassian Drive
Even If it is the Middle of the Night
Everything Is Poisonous in This Place
Except Love You
Extraordinarily Unspecial
Forever in a State
Happy Again (As Hard As It's Been)
Head Over Heels Over Heart
Heartbreaker, Heartbreaker
I Am the Ruler in This Land
I Don't Believe I Belong There
I Need Some Time
I Was Hoping You Might Be
I'll Never Know
I'm Destined to Be on My Own
I'm Tuning in to You
I'm a Weirdo
It Is Just What It Is
It's Exhausting
It's Just Us Here
It's Not Gonna Be Worth It Tomorrow
Keep Going The Way You Are
L. G. B. T. Q. Infinity
Leo Said Hey Lady Shut Up
Let's Get Lost in a Horror Movie
Life Is Such a Roller Coaster
Look At The Clock
Mercury in Wonderland
Mysterious Skin
No Wonder We're Hating It So
Not Really
One More Beat, One More Mile
Only Sweet Dreams Instead
Open Hearts Hurt Deeper
Outerspace Masterpiece
Please Let Me Stay Nobody
Please Report All Injuries
Power Fool
Run Toward Your Horizon
Sci-Fi Highway (How Lonely Can One Night Be)
Set My Clocks Back Half a Lifetime
Shifting Gears
Shut Up, Tell Me in the Morning
So Long Ago
Stay Out of Our Minds
Switching Sides
Take Me Away
Tangling Strings (J. A. M. E. S.)
Teenage Crisis
The Haunted Orphan
The Idolization of the Art King
The Nighttime Fell
The Riddle
The Truth is I May Never Be
The Universe Told Me It's You
The Way It Has to Be for Me
The Weak End
These Days Everything Runs on Replay
This Dark Place
Thought Trance
Treasure Mapping
Trust You
Up (Why Am I So Square)
What Doesn't Kill Me Has Driven Me Further
X-Ray Lullaby
You Already Know Me
You Are Suspicious
You Can Roam
You Needn't Worry, Dear
You've Got This, Luv