Songteksten van KJ-52

# 1 Fan
1, 2, 3
47 Emcees
47 Emcees (Interlude)
47 Pop Stars
5 Minutes (In the Garden)
5th Element
ABC's and 1, 2, 3's
ABC's and 123's
Always Here for You
Are You Real (feat.Kutless)
Are You Real?
Back In The Day
Brand New Day
Can I Be Honest?
Cartoon Network
Check Yourself
Coke Fry Cheeseburger
Come Alive (feat. Madeline Gibbs)
Cry No More
Daddy's Girl
Day I Was Born (feat. Levi Mitchell)
Dear Slim
Dear Slim, Pt. 2
Do That
Do Yo Thang
Do You Got That?
Do the Bill Cosby
Don't Go
For The Ladies
Gameface (feat. KB, Soul Glow Activator)
Gameface Remix (feat. KB, Flame, Soul Glow Activator)
God Is Good
He Is All
How We Do
I Am
I Can Call On You
I Feel So Good
I Got This
I Won't Ever Stop
I'm Guilty
Industry [Spoken Word Interlude]
Infomercial (Interlude)
Island of the Misfit Toys (feat. Social Club)
It Ain't Easy
It's Going Down
It's the S.O.I.
It's the S.O.I. (Sons of Intellect Anthem)
Jesus freak
Just Gets Better (feat. Montell Jordan)
KJ Five Two
Keep on Running
Life After Death
Little Drummer Boy
Mental (feat. Tedashi, Soul Glow Activator)
Mental (feat. Tedashi, Soul Glow Activator) [Spec Remix]
My Very Last Song (feat. Alcott)
Need Someone
Never Look Away
Nursery Rhymes
Operator (Outro)
Outro/Gimme Dat
Pay Attention
Pick Yourself Up
Plain White Rapper
Pump That
Push Up
Revenge Of The Nerds
Right Here
Right Now
Rise Up
Rise Up - Rob Beckley
Rock On
Rock On - Rob Beckley
Rock With It
Run for Cover
Shake Em Up
So Far Apart
So In Love With You
Sonshine - Nirva Dorsaint
Speed That Light
Take Every Part of Me
Thank You
That Was My Life
The Choice Is Yours
They Like Me
Things I Like
This Is Love
Tonight (Charliehorse Remix)
Victory Lap
Video Games
Wait For You - Nirva Dorsaint
Wait for You
Wake Up
We Rock The Mic
Welcome to Five Two's
Where Were You
Whoop Whoop
Will You Ever Know?
You Hang Up First
You'll Never Take Me Down
You're Gonna Make It