Songteksten van The Mountain Goats

1 John
1 Samuel
Abandoned Flesh
Absolute Lithops Effect
Age of Kings
Almost Every Door
An Antidote for Strychnine
Andrew Eldritch Is Moving Back To Leeds
Animal Mask
Arguing with the Ghost of Peter Laughner about his Coney Island Baby Review
As Many Candles As Possible
Aulon Raid
Beautiful Gas Mask
Before I Got There
Bell Swamp Connection
Birth of Serpents
Blues In Dallas
Cadaver Sniffing Dog
Choked Out
Clemency for the Wizard King
Cobra Tattoo
Corsican Mastiff Stride
Damn These Vampires
Dance Music
Dark In Here
Distant Stations
Divided Sky Lane
Doc Gooden
Done Bleeding
Estate Sale Sign
Exegetic Chains
Ezekiek 1 and the Permanent Efficacy of Grace
Fall of the Star High School Running Back
Fault Lines
Fire Editorial
For Charles Bronson
For The Portuguese Goth Metal Bands
For the Snakes
Foreign Object
Game Shows Touch Our Lives
Get Famous
Get High And Listen To The Cure
Get Lonely
Getting Into Knives
Going Invisible 2
Going to Lebanon 2
Hair Match
Half Dead
Harbor Me
Heel Turn 2
Heretic Pride
High Hawk Season
Hopeful Assassins of Zeno
Hospital Reaction Shot
How to Embrace a Swamp Creature
If You See Light
In Corolla
In League with Dragons
In the Craters on the Moon
In the Hidden Places
January 31, 438
Jeff Davis County Blues
Lakeside View Apartments Suite
Last Gasp at Calama
Let Me Bathe in Demonic Light
Liza Forever Minnelli
Lizard Suit
Love Love Love
Lovecraft in Brooklyn
Marduk T-Shirt Men's Room Incident
Maybe Sprout Wings
Michael Myers Resplendent
Moon Over Goldsboro
Never Quite Free
New Zion
No Children
Oceanographer's Choice
Only Takes a Few [Bonus Track]
Outer Scorpion Squadron
Paid In Cocaine
Parisian Enclave
Passaic 1975
Pez Dorado
Picture Of My Dress
Pink And Blue
Possum by Night
Prowl Great Cain
Rage Of Travers
Rain In Soho
Rat Queen
Riches And Wonders
San Bernardino
Sax Rohmer, Pt. 1
Sentries in the Ambush
Sept. 15, 1983
Sicilian Crest
So Desperate
Song For Ted Sallis
Song for Lonely Giants
Source Decay
Sourdoire Valley Song
Southwestern Territory
Stabbed to Death Outside San Juan
Stench Of The Unburied
The Autopsy Garland
The Ballad of Bull Ramos
The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton
The Destruction of the Kola Superdeep Borehole Tower
The Fall of the Star High School Running Back
The Great Gold Sheep
The Grey King And The Silver Flame Attunement
The Last Place I Saw You Alive
The Legend of Chavo Guerrero
The Mess Inside
The New Hydra Collection
The Slow Parts On Death Metal Albums
The Wooded Hills Along the Black Sea
Their Gods Do Not Have Surgeons
This Year
Tianchi Lake
Tidal Wave
To the Headless Horseman
Training Montage
Tucson Fog
Unicorn Tolerance
Until Olympius Returns
Used To Haunt
Wage Wars Get Rich Die Handsome
Waylon Jennings Live!
We Do It Different On the West Coast
Wear Black
Werewolf Gimmick
When a Powerful Animal Comes
Wild Sage
Woke Up New
Wolf Count