Songteksten van Golden Earring

Quiet Eyes
Radar Love
Remember My Friend
Sail On Sailor
Sam And Sue
Save The Best For Later
Save Your Skin
Say My Prayer
See See
Sellin' Out
She flies on strange winds
She Flies On Strange Wings
She Flies on Stranger Wings
She May Be
She Won't Come To Me
Silver Ships
Sky Scraper Hell of a Town
Skyscraper Hell Of A Town
Slow Down
Smoking Cigarettes
Snot Love In Spain
Something Heavy Going Down
Something Heavy Going On
Song Of A Devil's Servant
Sound Of The Screaming Day
Space Ship
Stand By Me
Sticks And Stones
Still Got the Keys to My First Cadillac
Suzy Lunacy
Suzy Lunacy (Mental Rock)
Take My Hand, Close My Eyes
Tears And Lies
Temporary Madness
That Day
The Devil Made Me Do It
The Fighter
The Grand Piano
The Hammer Of Love
The Last Frontier Hotel
The Loner
The Lonesome D.J.
The Naked Truth
The Road Swallowed Her Name
The Sad Story Of Sam Stone
The Switch
The Thief
The Truth About Arthur
The Unforgettable Dream
The Vanilla Queen
The Wall Of Dolls
The Words I Need
There Will Be A Tomorrow
They Dance
This Is The Other Side Of Life
This Is The Time Of The Year
This Wheel's On Fire
Thousand Feet Below You
Tiger Bay
Time Is A Book
Time's Up
To The Hilt
Together We Live, Together We Love
Tons Of Time
Too Much Woman (Not Enough Girl)
Troubles & Hassles
Troubles And Hassles
Try a Little Tenderness
Turn The Page
Turn The World Around
Twilight Zone
Twilight Zone (Intro)
Twilight Zone (Outro)
U-Turn Time
Vanilla Queen
Vanille Queen
Waiting For You
Wall of dolls
Weekend Love
What You Gonna Tell
When I Was Young
When Love Turns To Pain
When People Talk
When the Lady Smile
When The Lady Smiles
Where Will I Be
Whisper In A Crowd
Who Cares?
Who Do You Love
Why Do I
Why Me?
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