Golden Earring - Orwell's Year

We have been waitin' for this, to put an end to all this
Oh there's works to be done, oh there's work under the sun
Happy New Year
In the back alley, millionaire valley
Trafalgar, Time Square and the who knows where
Big Brother's watching you
Baby's got a computer tutor
Daddy is a trouble shooter
Fat cookie in a soylent green
From a kitchen that you've never seen
It's all shiny chrome - attaching your chromosomes
Say - count to four - Count to 1 - 9 - 84
Welcome, welcome to 1984
Orwell's year is here, Orwell's year is here

It's the ministry of energy
The ministry of ecology
The university of food and economy
The ministry of war and explosions
The ministry of you and me
Minus Orwell's sanity
Welcome everybody, to be a nobody
The ministry of heavenly peace
Big Brother's watching you
Orwell's year is here, Orwell's year is here

Say you wanna hear some more
Big Brother's watching you, Big Brother's watching you

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