Songteksten van Songs: Ohia

7th Street Wonderland
A Humble Cause Again
A Widow Sang The Stars Down
Advice To Aces
All Pass
Almost Was Good Enough
An Ace Unable To Change
At Certain Hours It All Breaks Down
Baby Take a Look
Back on Top
Being in Love
Big Game is Every Night
Big Sewell Mt
Black Link to Fire Link
Blue Chicago Moon
Blue Factory Flame
Blue Jay
Blue Stone
Captain Badass
Come Back to Your Man
Cotton Hill
Coxcomb Red
Crab Orchard
Cross the Road, Molina
Darkness That Strong
Darling You Are…
Didn't It Rain
Dogwood Gap
East Last Heart
Easts Heart Divided
Fade Street
Farewell Transmission
Fire on the Shore
Freedom Pt. 2
Gauley Bridge
Goodnight Lover
Hearts Newly Arrived
Hold On Magnolia
Hot Black Silk
How to Be Perfect Men
I've Been Riding With the Ghost
John Henry Split My Heart
Journey On
Just Be Simple
Just What Can Last
Just a Spark
Keep Only One of Us Free
Lightning Risked It All
Little Beaver
Love Leaves Its Abusers
Love and Work
Mighty Like Love, Mighty Like Sorrow
Napoleon: How We Have Ranged
Nay Tis Not Death
Nervous Bride
No Limit On The Words
No Limits on the Words
Not Just a Ghost's Heart
One Harrowing Night
One of Those Uncertain Hands
Our Republic
Ours The Armada
Peoria Lunch Box Blues
Pilot & Friend
Program And Disjunction
Program: The Mask
Reply & Claim
Ring the Bell
Ruby Eyes In The Fog
Seperations: Reminder
Steve Albini's Blues
Steve Alvini's Blues
Structuring: Necessity
The Big Game is Every Night
The Black Crow
The Body Burned Away
The Dark Wrong Turn
The Far End Of The Bridge
The Gray Tower
The Lost Messenger
The Moon Undoes It All
The Ocean's Nerves
The Old Black Hen
The One Red Star
The Rules of Absence
The Wild Wind
The World at the End of the World
This Time Anything Finite At All
Till Morning Reputations
Trans Am
Trouble Will Find You
Two Blue Lights
U.M.W. Pension
United or Lost Alone
Waltham: Simply Unite The Name
Whenever I Have Done a Thing in Flames
White Sulfur
Why Are We Stopping In The Storm
You Are Not Alone On The Road