Songteksten van Todd Snider

24 Hours a Day
A Lot More
A Timeless Response to Current Events
Age Like Wine
Agnostic Preacher's Lament
All That Matters
Alot More
Alright Guy
America's Favorite Pastime
Angel from Montgomery
Ballad of the Devil's Backbone Tavern
Barbie Doll
Barefoot Champagne
Battle Hymn of the Album
Beer Run
Better Than Ever Blues Part 2
Better Than Ever Blues, Pt. 2
Big Finish
Bring 'Em Home
Can't Complain
Corpus Christi Bay
Cowboy Jack Clement's Waltz
D.B. Cooper
Devil You Know
Digger Dave's Crazy Woman Blues
Doll Face
Don't Tempt Me
Double Wide Blues
Doublewide Blues
Easy Money
Enjoy Yourself
Good Fortune
Greencastle Blues
Handsome John
Happy New Year
Happy to Be Here
Hey Hey
Highland Street Incident
Horseshoe Lake
I Am Too
I Am Two
I Believe You
I Can't Complain
I Spoke as a Child
If Tomorrow Never Comes
In Between Jobs
In the Beginning
Iron Mike's Main Man's Last Request
It All Adds Up
Joe's Blues
Just Like Old Times
Just Like Overnight
Just in Case
Keep off the Grass
Last Laugh
Late Last Night
Like a Force of Nature (feat. Jason Isbell)
Lonely Girl
Looking for a Job
Money, Compliments, Publicity (Song Number Ten)
Moon Dawg's Tavern
My Generation, Pt. 2
Never Let Me Down
Never Let a Day Go By
New York Banker
Once He Finds Us
Out All Night
Play a Train Song
Positively Negative
Precious Little Miracles
Prison Walls
Rocket Fuel
Sail on, My Friend
Side Show Blues
Sideshow Blues
Slim Chance
Somebody's Coming
Stoner Yodel Number One
Talkin' Seattle Blues
Talking Reality Television Blues
Talking Seattle Grunge Rock Blues
That Great Pacific Garbage Patch
That Was Me
The Ballad of the Devil's Backbone Tavern
The Blues on Banjo
The Devil You Know
The Get Together
The Ghost of Johnny Cash
The Highland Street Incident
The Last Laugh
The Resignation vs. The Comeback Special
The Very Last Time
Thin Wild Mercury
This Land Is Our Land
Too Soon to Tell
Turn It Up
Turn Me Loose (I'll Never Be the Same)
Unorganized Crime
Vinyl Records
Waco Moon
Watering Flowers in the Rain
West Nashville Grand Ballroom Gown
Working on a Song
Yesterdays and Used to Be's
You Got Away with It (A Tale of Two Fraternity Brothers)
You Think You Know Somebody