Songteksten van T-Rex

20th Century Boy
Afghan Woman
Avengers (Superbad)
Baby Boomerang
Baby Strange
Ballrooms of Mars
Bang a Gong
Bang A Gong (Get It On)
Beyond the Rising Sun
Born to Boogie
Broken Hearted Blues
Buick Mackane
By the Light of a Magical Moon
Calling All Destroyers
Carlisle Smith & The Old One
Carsmile Smith & The Old One
Carsmile Smith and the Old One
Casual Agent
Celebrate Summer
Change (Signs)
Chariot Choogle
Children of the Revolution (Disc 02)
Children of the Revolution (Reprise)
Chrome Sitar
Cosmic Dancer
Cosmic Dancer (Reprise)
Country Honey
Crimson Moon
Dandy In The Underworld
Dawn Storm
Dawn Storm/Casual Agent
Diamond Meadows
Dream Lady
Dreamy Lady
Elemental Child
Evenings of Damask
Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart
Foxy Boy
Free Angel
Futuristic Dragon
Futuristic Dragon (Introduction)
Get It On
Get It On (Bang a Gong)
Get It on (Live)
Golden Belt
Groove a Little
Highway Knees
Hot Rod Mama
I Love To Boogie
I Really Love You Babe
I'm a Fool for You Girl
Interstellar Soul
Is It Love?
Jason B. Sad
Jitterbug Love
Jupiter Liar
King of the Mountain Cometh
King of the Rumbling Spires
Lean Woman Blues
Left Hand Luke
Left Hand Luke (Single Version)
Left Hand Luke and the Beggar Boys
Lefthand Luke
Leopards Featuring Gardenia And The Mighty Slug
Life Is Strange
Life's A Gas
Light Of Love
Liquid Gang
Love Drunk (Solo)
Lunacy's Back
Mad Donna
Main Man
Mambo Sun
Mister Mister
My Little Baby
Mystic Lady
Nameless Wildness
New York City
New York City (Disc 01)
Nijinsky Hind
One Inch Rock
Pain and Love
Painless Persuasion V the Meathawk Immaculate
Planet Queen
Rabbit Fighter
Raw Ramp
Ride A White Swan
Ride a White Swan (Intro)
Ride a White Swan (Outro)
Ride My Wheels
Rip Off
Rock On
Salamanda Palaganda
Sally Was an Angel
Sara Crazy Child
Seal of Seasons
Sensation Boulevard
She Was Born to Be My Unicorn
Shock Rock
Sing Me a Song
Sitting Here
Space Ball Ricochet
Spaceball Ricochet
Summer Deep
Sunken Rags
Tame My Tiger
Teenage Dream
Telegram Sam (Balan)
Tenement Lady
The Avengers (Superbad)
The Groover
The King of the Mountain Cometh
The Leopards Featuring Gardenia & The Mighty Slug
The Misty Coast of Albany
The Motivator
The Seal of Seasons
The Slider
The Soul of My Suit
The Street & Babe Shadow
The Street and Babe Shadow
Theme for a Dragon
Think Zinc
Truck On
Truck On (tyke)
Venus Loon
Visions of Domino
You've Got to Jive to Stay Alive (Spanish Midnight)
Zip Gun Boogie
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