Songteksten van Slash

30 Years to Life
Apocalyptic Love
Automatic Overdrive
Back And Forth Again
Back and Forth Again
Bad Rain
Be The Ball
Be the Ball
Beautiful Dangerous
Beautiful Dangerous (feat. Fergie)
Been There Lately
Beggars & Hangers-on
Beneath the Savage Sun
Bent to Fly
Boulevard of Broken Hearts
By the Sword
Civil War
Crazy Life
Crucify The Dead (feat. Ozzy Osbourne)
Crucify the Dead
Crusify the Dead (feat. Ozzy Osbourn)
Dan Leburkanlah
Dime Store Rock
Dime Store Rock
Dirty Girl
Doctor Alibi (feat. Lemmy Kilminster)
Doin' Fine
Driving Rain
Far and Away
Ghost (feat. Ian Astbury)
Good To Be Alive
Good to Be Alive
Hard & Fast
Hold Out For Love
I Ain't No Nice Guy
I Hate Everybody (But You)
I Hold On
I Hold On (feat. Kid Rock)
I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
Iris of the Storm
Jizz da Pit
Kick It Up a Notch
Life's Sweet Drug
Lost In America
Lost Inside the Girl
Mean Bone
Melodi Kasih
Mind Your Manners
Monkey Chow
Monkey Chow
Mr. Brownstone
My Antidote
Neither Can I
Neither Can I
Night Train
No More Heroes
No More Mr. Nice Guy
Not for Me
Nothing to Say
One Last Thrill
Only Women Bleed
Paradise City
Promise (feat. Chris Cornell)
Read Between the Lines
Rocket Queen
Rockstar 101
Rusted Heroes
Saint Is a Sinner Too
Saint Is a Sinner Too
Serve You Right
Shadow Life
Shots Fired
Slow Grind
Soma City Ward
Soma City Ward
Speed Parade
Standing in the Sun
Stone Blind
Sugar Cane
Sweet Child O’ Mine
Take It Away
Take it away
The Alien
The Call of the Wild
The Dissident
The Great Pretender
The Star Spangled Banner
The Unholy
The one You Loved Is Gone
Too Far Gone
Vengeance Is Mine
Watch This Dave
We Will Roam
We're All Gonna Die
We're All Gonna Die (feat. Iggy Pop)
What Do You Want To Be
What Do You Want to Be
What I Want
What I Want
Wicked Stone
Withered Delilah
World on Fire
You're All Talk
You're a Lie