Belly - Immigrant
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Yeah, yeah

This ain't a tan, my skin the same color as sand
From the motherland, look down and see the world in my hands
Government bans, I'm just here to fuck up the plans
Dance after dance, just like the world is stuck in a trance (Amen)
There's nothin' more priceless than bein' free
Immigrant, that's why they hate me just for bein' me
We ain't wanna leave overseas, we were under siege
Leave us in shallow graves, but still the love is deep
Bloodline royal, need our seat back
40's in the foil, had to boil where I sleep at
Tell you that they love you, that they loyal, they can keep that
They don't want the soil, just the oil that's beneath that
Back to feed the people, fuck your pity and your feedback
Racin' with time, it's gettin' hard to even keep track
They sold democracy for a discount
Nothing's addin' up, that's why I gotta make this shit count, uh

When freedom comes, better lock your door
Freedom comes, it ain't safe anymore
Freedom comes, oh, no, don't look away
Freedom comes, had to wait for the day
(Wait, wait, wait, for freedom)

Yeah, lock us behind a wall like we was Mexicans
Broad-day shootouts in front of pedestrians
Young niggas ride in hearses 'fore they touch a Benz
Muslims loadin' up AK's, dead presidents
Call from the White House, they said meet with Trump
I'm only comin' if they pardon and put Meech in front
Politic with Robert Kraft while we're eatin' lunch
Tellin' him 'bout how Kaepernick tryna free us up
I don't wanna hear no Stormy Daniels
When a little girl got shot in the head, ain't see no cameras
From no CNN, I'm in the trenches where niggas vanish
And they never show that shit on the TV, it's propaganda
No proper manners, dropped out of school I got a hammer
Get locked in slammer before we could read, no time to scramble
Soon as I came out my mama womb it's time to gamble
'Cause your life on the line when you're young, Black or Spanish, word up

When freedom comes, better lock your door
Freedom comes, it ain't safe anymore
Freedom comes, oh, no, don't look away
Freedom comes, had to wait for the day
(Wait, wait, wait, for freedom)

Uh, oh Lord, we need a breakthrough
Lock our babies up and then they tell us that it's fake news
Yes, Lord, we need a breakthrough
Build a fuckin' wall, I guarantee the people break through
I went to Hell and back, you can tell 'em that
Can't interact with all these snakes so I'm scalin' back
They already set the traps for a million rats
I'm goin' numb prayin' I can get the feelin' back
All I hear on the news is collusion
But I guess we're all just rushin' to conclusions, huh?
It's an illusion that's fueled by confusion
We can't lose if no one feuds within the movement, huh?
They watch us suffer for amusement
Lose when they only run until they lose wind
European plates on them foreign bumpers
The president would rather see us wearin' orange jumpers

Our land is holy, our land is history
Our land is ours and fuck that, victory
Our land is holy, our land is history
We used to be minorities, now we're a country

On alert about immigration
The President has deliberately chose this narrative, vilifying Black and Brown folk
We are a border land, we are border people, we are
Country comment
He's talking about
Immigration, as we know it
Border crossers
The fact of the matter is that he's trying to get everyone in this country afraid
He's trying to get people
You don't hear him using this narrative when he's talking about other immigrants in this
We are all immigrants

Writers: Robert Rihmeek Williams , Ahmad Balshe , MATHANGI ARULPRAGASAM , Leon Thomas , Faris Al-Majed , Rex Masamune , Richard Munoz

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