Houndmouth - Black jaguar

Look at the things
They're so-oh pretty
Look at the attic
The black jaguar
So fade in the night
But I'll see you on the other side

Oh sweet distraction
Such a sweet distraction

Golden late nights
Just feeling stuck in the moment
Feels like you're dreamin'

It's only real in the middle of the blackness
I got a feelin' that this beauty and this madness
Have come to terms
Maybe I can stop

Oh sweet distraction
I got a black jaguar
Such a sweet distraction
(But you know it, you know it)
I got a black jaguar
It's such a
It's such a sweet distraction
(But don't you know it, I know it)
I got the black jaguar

Writers: Zak Appleby , Matt Myers , Shane Cody

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