Daniel schnyder - The half of it, dearie, blues
Overige artiesten: George gershwin

Each time you trill a song with Bill or look at Will
I get a chill, I'm gloomy
I won't recall the names of all the men who fall
It's all appalling to me
Of course, I really cannot blame them a bit
For you're a hit where're you flit
I know it's so, but dearie, oh!
You'll never know the blues that go right through me
I've got the you-don't-know-the-half-of-it-dearie blues
The trouble is you have so many from whom to choose
If you should marry Tom, Dick, or harry,
Life would be the bunk, I'd become a monk
I've got the you-don't know-the-half-of-it-dearie blues!

To Bill and Ben I'd pay attention now and then
But really men would bore me
When I'd begun to think I'd run and be a nun
I met the one man for me
And now just when the sun is starting to beam
Along comes a girl, zip goes a dream!
What will I do away from you?
I feel the future will be blue and stormy
I've got the you-don't-know-the-half-of-it-dearie blues
It may be my heart isn't broken, but there's a bruise.
Through you I've known some days that were lonesome
Though you say that i'm flirting all the time
I've got the you-don-t know-the-half-of-it-dearie blues!

I've got the you-don't-know-the-half-of-it-dearie blues
Oh, how i wish you'd drop an anchor and end your cruise
You're just a duffer who makes me suffer
All the younger set says your heart's to let
I've got the you-don't-know-the-half-of-it-dearie blues!

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