Richard hell - Betrayal takes two
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Betrayal takes two, who did it to who?
I mean, not to be cut by your dull point of view
Well, feelings will change, we're helpless, they must
But we like it that way, eliminates trust
But that cut on your arm where the blood is still fresh
And the thought of some harm that comes to yourself

Hey sweetheart, cool off, you're not so distraught
You lost what you had but that's what, that's what I've got
Well, I'll close my eyes while you take off my clothes
No, wait a while till this feelings goes
The feeling gets stronger, two times emptiness
We'll embrace that much longer, make more of a mess

The sensation of life was aroused in ourselves
From the plot we digressed, knocked the books off the shelves
Then burned down the house, then met in a bar
With a motel attached and kissed all the scars
We're changed now for good, but I try to insert
My face to appear when you love, when you flirt

Writers: RICHARD HELL , Richard Parker

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