The Agonist - Rise And Fall

This human incompetence and consequence;
sub-human intolerance hitting home.
This stupid old prejudice and its consequence;
civilian rights are not right for All deserve rights, large and small

Rise and fall
each breathe could be the last
chances have all come and past

Why can't we just shake the urge to end everything?
Property lines slice through the Earth.
The sudden urge to control our surroundings,
money and time now define their worthless
we rise and fall

Fighting for land to on
and man will always find reasons for war.
Fighting wars yields bitter rewards
so let's contemplate what to fight for

From the oceans we rise
to the ashes we fall
all for one
not one for all

Where do we go when we no longer exist?
Apologies are useless, they're nothing, they're impotent.
To savour the taste of youth and sweet control
Hierarchol classes split the masses
pray your ranking's high
Off-white, low-life, nuisance in a flawless life
ground underfoot like ashes
The worlds a fucking gas chamber

Populations rise and fall.

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