Lupe fiasco - Quotations from chairman fred
Overige artiesten: Nikki jean Bishop edgar jackson

I exist
Spoken in a confident voice
Can worlds shift in continent hoist
Look under for the plunder
A rich man’s song that gets sung for a sum out the lungs of a stunna
But life turns to a station and a hustler to a hummer
Went from speaking and now not even sinking
The game is karaoke ‘til it tries to punish poke me
Kinda throw me words slowly fade degrading in the foley
Waving metal sheets make thunder
Fool when I was younger, fool me when I’m older
Fool me now, screw me down to the sofa
Taking so much, drinking soda, eating vulture
Tweeting vulgar, playing Madden getting fat
And getting cultured with the quotes
In the hopes people will get the jokes
If it rains you will get the float
But only if they’re still building boats

But your values system says you believe in sleep more than you believe in grinding
Your values system says you are a consumer and not a producer
That you're spending more money than you're making
Why because you're a consumer
You're reading all the books and you're saying everything the books are saying
But those books are not in alignment with your values!
And you’re gonna go to the next level
Your values are gonna have to change

Drunken Fist versus Praying Mantis
Was it God’s plan or man mismanaged to turn New Orleans to Atlantis?
They lie in the streets to lambast
The black land swam at like a HE MAN in a bathtub
Fire! Cup up the bad blood
Hope hand thugs can write after the lackluster backrubs
Or half structured, or tech hubs, or wack love
That’s stacked as if chance in community chest
God said, “Don’t you ruin me yet
Until I give them everything
And there’s just 2 of these left”
Black bumper slow fades into a vista
Rapid cuts a stock footage which freezes on a listener
Give me love, lovers!
I read it like blood color on the head of a flooded structure
Can’t keep the duck rubber under
Fundamentally it’s buoyant
It rises like court rooms to swoon for your enjoyment

Every single word you say
Well you say it to me
Well it stays with me

I heard every single word you say
Well you say it to me
Well it stays with me

Trap music meets trapezoids, fake his own death
They roll rocks like asteroids to the crest
Think outside the box
I wrap a toy in a cheque
Then watch a sissy fuss with a boy in a dress
Mad at the world
In a voice of a man, with a bag of a girl
She just avoids the success
It’s what he said
Or what she said
Double entendre no matter how you play it
Then he takes the sex tape and destroys the cassette
And puts the ribbon in the sky like the limited of eye
Then prepares to utter, what’s been a symbol in its side
Against the ticker take scene
In a Silver Lake dream
Sorta orders the lungs to unmilitate screams
Shouts to afford sun with imitate beams
In a blue sky filled with pornographic strings
Getting caught up in the trees
I still believe in Jesus!

Our purpose is to ensure
That literature and art sit well
Into the whole revolutionary machine
As a component part
That they operate as powerful weapons
For uniting and educating the people
And for attacking and destroying the enemy
And that they help the people fight the enemy
With one heart and one mind

Every single word you say
Well you say it to me
Well it stays with me

I heard every single word you say
Well you say it to me
Well it stays with me

There was a man who wrote many things
But Carlyle said, um, that we could not be ruined
Because no lie could live forever
William Cullen Bryan said, "truth crushed to earth, would rise again”
And James Russell Lowell, made it more plain
That we would not be ruined or destroyed
Because he said that
“Truth, forever on the scaffold, lies, forever on the throne
But that scaffold sways the future
And, behind the dim unknown
Standeth God within the shadow
Keeping watch above his own”
These powerful scriptures were also used by the man
In whom we celebrate his birthday today, Dr Martin Luther King
And Dr King told us to practice non-violence and the power of love
Non-violence and the power of love has brought us thus far
The agape love that we have for ourselves
That we have for our people
Is the reason why our people
In this particular diaspora called, North America
Have not been totally ruined
We have not been totally destroyed
We have not been exterminated
So therefore, uh, my dear brother, um, Wasalu
We thank you for what you’ve asked me to do
And we shall continue to study to show ourselves approved under God
Workman that needn’t not be ashamed
Rightly this dividing the word of truth
And so at this time, in this city
Where young men’s lives are not worth much
In this city where our people have been discriminated against
And kept from the resources which we
Rightly deserve as a majority of people in the city
We are dependent upon the most high creator of the ends of the world
That I call Elohim Jehova
And we are dependent upon him to keep us from falling
To keep us from being ruined
To keep us from being exterminated
And we thank, the almighty, for the privilege of being here with my niece
Is to impart these words, and I hope it would be of assistance in this project
God bless you and thank you

Writers: Wasalu Muhammad Jaco , Javohn Griffin , Nicholle Leary , Bishop Edgar Jackson


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