Lori McKenna - A Mother Never Rests

Well here's what I know
Even when she's sleepin'
She's still dreamin' about you
That's the way that it goes
Even when she's laughin'
Part of her is worryin' there's somethin' she didn't do

She only sits four minutes, she's a hummin'bird in the livin' room
She's a silhouette smilin' with the weight of the world on her chest
She'll move a mountain for you by the afternoon
A mother never rests

She works in colors
It's her and the sun
Wakin' up early, bringin' light to everyone
She's countin' on angels
And she's hopin' they're there
But just in case, every time she says your name it's like a little prayer

And there's wishin' stars for the hurt and Band-Aids for how it feels
And the nightlight's on so even the sun gets to set
She's a stubborn believer that time and a clean house is how ya heal
So a mother never rests

There ain't a broken bone or a birthday that she'll forget
She bit her lip and didn't cry the day your hatchback left
And when you hurt she hurts, that's how it is
That's how it is, I guess

Well here's what I know
Even when I'm sleepin'
I'm still dreamin' all about you

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