Lori McKenna - You Won't Even Know I'm Gone

I will watch you fold all your clothes
Sort them carefully into rows
Spray the soap from the bathroom tiles
Cut the threads off the kitchen towel
I'll wash the dishes in the sink
I could do it all in my sleep
Make the beds and mail some bills
Make sure the cabinets are filled
At five o'clock put the dinner I left for you on
And you won't even know I'm gone

I sweep the dirt that the dogs brought in
I let 'em out and then sweep again
And while the sun is goin' our way
Turn off the nightlight in the hallway
Before you go to bed make sure to turn it back on
And you won't even know I'm gone

I pray that every prayer I pray will reach you
Every wish I make will keep you safe and warm, safe and warm
And may God forgive the things I do
That puts one mile between me and you
To thine own self be true, to thine own self be true

Everything is in its place
Before your head hits the pillowcase
I wrote a note and left it by your bed
I hope you smile when you're reading it
If you can't sleep, turn the TV on
And though I'm out here somewhere trying to get back home
Hoping you don't even know I'm gone

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