Pharrell Williams - Here Ye, Hear Ye
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Yup, mm-hm, yeah

There's a rainbow everywhere
Dependin' on where you stand
Whether the dashboard of yey
Or the walls a hundred grand each
Double R, interior tan, outside is peach
Oh, you trying to make a deal out in Golden Beach?
Or the Florida Keys, ducking the Florida Dees
But you only end up with bricks and sand
I know niggas that run from they shadows like Peter Pan
Runnin' like it's a Nike commercial, but he's the man
What he don’t like on sight, he murk like he's the Klan
Eight balls the size of baseballs like Jeter’s hand
It fecal fam, yeah, it’s the shit
Zip your face up when Skateboard is on the script
Catch me in the Gap V with some BBC trunks
Flip flops, sippin' on Qream like it's punch
I push the spaceship with the chrome lady in the front
Bendin' over like she just puffed Busta’s blunt
I told y’all muh'fucka's once, I think I’m hungry
Finna eat y'all niggas' lunch
Y'all niggas cunts, I’m from the commonwealth
Where wealth ain't common
Where niggas roll around with chrome solvers, looking for problems
Mouth full of gold, flame when they roll
Arthritic fingers, niggas bang when they stroll
Tradin' in the hats for the cane and the gold
The golds for the chain and the cane was on swole
Ayo Tip, get these peon niggas told

Still stand tall when it all falls down
Whether Hollywood Hills or a one horse town
You should know better
There’s no better than these four letters
More than ever niggas want me dead
'Cause they're starving and I'm getting fed
But fuck 'em anyway
I’d rather be me on my worst day
Than to be a sucka' nigga on his birthday
All cake no candles, just a living example
Ten toes down, all out, no sandals
Godfather, young Marlon Brando
Let me make sure they understand, yo
Here ye, hear ye, you wise you fear me
Real niggas on their shine, much obliged, merci

Everybody wanna criticize him 'bout how bad he ended up
Look how bad he could've been
I could've caught a body, sold a brick to somebody
Who volunteered my information to the federalies
I made it out of all of that like I ain't gonna be proud of that
So petty shit, you sticking to me, give me all you got of that
Doing this for all my niggas
Who'd rather go to prison than to let a nigga kill him
So we leaving this P-O snub-nose in his denim
Trap or death is waiting 'round the corners that he been in
On bended knee, God forgive us, we’ve been sinnin'
In our defense, look at the options we was given
Layin' in the prison cell, starin' at the ceilin'
Back in this bitch again, guess they wasn't bullshittin', huh?
Still wonder where it all went wrong
Since Phil got killed I ain't never moved on
Like I’m still in the club where the blows got thrown
When my crown fell down and I got dethroned
Bunch of niggas around but I feel all alone
Like a piece of me is missing, guess it never came home
Probably died in a van when it all hit the fan
Save the life of a friend, we don’t all get the chance

Now here I stand with blood on my hands
Trying hard to explain so his mom understand
I'm at fault for the loss of the soul of a man
Only soldiers know how that’ll take a toll on a man
Burden's on the world on my shoulders: heavy
Visibly composed, my emotions buried
Scary, so if I pop a pill
Smoke a blunt or take a shot, y'all, let a nigga live
Still baffled how my life unraveled
In the meantime, time just traveled
Can’t see behind the walls of my castle
Opinionated peons son, but who asked you?
I tell you what you do, take your two cents
Kick rocks to a fountain, pitching to make a wish
Shit, if wishes had wings, they’d all make it to heaven
And we’d all be kings
Hahaha, if wishes had wings, they’d all make it to heaven
And we’d all be kings

Grind, hustle, homie
We-we run this shit!
Creme de la creme, homie
Boy, you know what it is

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