Lump - Rolling Thunder

I’m a piece of light stuck in your spine
I’m the noble thing you had to write
I’m the piece of time that won’t be moved
I’m the piece of pain stuck in your tooth

I’m a man, of a certain kind
I’m a woman, of a certain space and time
I’m your mother, I’m your father
We would dream in a rolling thunder

You, you were kind of an epistolary blue
You write your letters in a certain hue
I am a rage of colours across the sky
I am a blaze of colours formed of light

We are men of a certain kind
We are women of a certain place and time
We are children, milk of our mother
We were born under a rolling thunder

I’m your mother
I'm your father
We are men
We are gold
We're Atlantis
We're Medusa
We're the world
I'm the chain

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