A Faith Called Chaos - Ten Thousand Times Tongue and Cheek

Rejoice mothers you're the mothers of martyrs
We're proud to report your sons kiss just like your daughters
Now father's teeth, rolling bloodily down his shirt
Welcome to my war gone by, I miss it so.

She's such a Romanov
She's such a Romanov
Only a Romanov could be so bourgeoisie

I'm unarmed so forgo this advantage now,
Strike fellows strike for the plans that I've made,
Oh yeah!

We're tongue and cheek.
Meet me in the sedative
We got to keep it kiss it keep it fucking real
Was it all for the best?
Does it bless your memory?
What is enough to bring me home?

Someone lost what can't be found
Look for the worst defeat
Ten thousand times tongue and cheek.

Drag your Asses off the floor
We'll greet a new day
Yeah, now some marching orders
We'll all stand to greet a new day
Kiss the sun and make it your own
Kiss the sun and make it your own
We'll have the bottle drained
Yeah, we'll have it finished right round four
We'll all have this bottle drained
We've got our marching orders
I can taste your breath across the room
Lets greet a new day

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