Al'Tarba - My Vicious Side
Overige artiesten: Bekay DJ Nixon

My vicious side feat Bekay & Dj Nix'on

My dick in your bitch don't deny//
While stick on my shit like a fly, ohhh me ohh me ohh mi!!!!
Why the fuck, this game wanna screw me///
At my label meeting's, say-my-greeting, then show'em I came with at toolie(gun noise)
Cockin a nine// while u dropping a dime//
Groupie love, fake friends, and world tours what i got with these rhymes//
You pull a gun? i pull a knife there's no stopping this guy//
Or break a bone in to arm for me octagon's-fine///
Cage fighter// my rage hyper!!!!
I write it down and venomous lyrics jump up of the page an bite ya//
What the fuck you thinking/// these punks is slipping//
There's no such thing as freestyles now they all come with written//
I'm n point like the tip of a knife//dick in your wife//
Living-to-fight/// that dust got me disillusion pulling stick ups at night//
Fuck a chick so hard her pussy start tof art//
And that bitch feel the vibrations like old Markly-Marl

We live so filthy that the dirt gone stay//
Your girl blow my brains out like Kirk-Cobain----mannnnn!!!
Fuck my ex bitch and everything she telling me//
Duckt-aped, dudes upstate beat three B-felonies.///
I could have went to bing for many-years//
I'm god! shed fire burn my face with every-tear//
Me? I'm nothing to play-with///slut
You're a disgusting bitch under them fake-tits// wind up 1st up on my rape-list//
I dont need pussy forcefully//
Cause they all wanting-me// my dick? they pray to its authority///
I'm a grown ass man looking Eighteen//
man i took the A-team///shit on em, wound up back in central booking with 8 fiends//
And they hid a crack pipe in the cell//
We all live a wack-life-in-this-hell// rap-right-till-i-fail//
Failure ain't really an option// from here to Compton//
They snorting molly dust mix with Oxycontin//

No surprise party here I rip shit then spoil-it//
So hold my dick, like when I'm pissin in the toilet//
Or on the street, dont give a fuck how we act be//
Piss up on the summons and the cops if they catch-me///
hahaha all them toys is through//
Imagine me or IG giving a fuck for them boys in blue//
By the way this is that raw shit// that fuck a dirty shore shit//
That dirt up on your face and in your pores-shit//
You talk a good game but to stupid to do it//
And right now you listening to funeral music//
All these rappers got me pissed off// kid's soft//
like Rick Ross//Rocking lip gloss// in up in a pink porsche//
The internet got kids trying they luck//
Cause this beat right here defines grimey as fuck!
Shouts to Al Tarba I'm through with this//

al tarba im thru-with-this//
so call me HESUS, whiler im bleeding out up on the crusifix//

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