Morgan page - In the air
Overige artiesten: Sultan + shepard Bt Angela mccluskey

I'm feeling it, I'm feeling a change
I'm feeling it, I'm feeling a change
In the air

To look the other way to get what you want
Throw out your troubles to find your song
Cause there's a change, a change in the air
In the air, in the air
Just one more minute here with you
All I give to have this come true
Can you feel it too
Can you feel this heart beating in time
Wishing it was yours but it's gotta be mine
Couldn't believe everything I feel
You walked in you saw me just there

Don't close that door, don't walk away
Don't shut your eyes, you can hear me say
I love you now more than everyday
It's OK

Give every bit to have you here
Give every moment to see your tear
Give everything I got from now til my last breath

Writers: Ned Shepard , BRIAN WAYNE TRANSEAU , MORGAN WOLF PAGE , Angela McCluskey , Al Sarraf Ossama

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