Scarface - High powered
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[Verse 1:]
I am representing for my niggas on lock down.
Doing time for that he say and she say laying niggas down on the freeway.
Believe me they need me cause all these mouse ass niggas
Coming home way to long before they release date
He facing twenty-five fed time, and he ain't ever seen a day in that thing.
He bussing heads hu, lets keep it real,
I got the documents to prove you?s a snitching ass nigga.
Trying to hide behind your music, you hit the
High way got money the fly way and told it you a hoe ass nigga that?s what I say.
And you can go against some niggas that wanna touch it last album I was Made.
This album a mutha fucker.
So all you niggas wanna plot against the Mob since you wanna make it out,
Am finna address the noise.
To High Power

Beep beep there goes the sound of my cellar, here?s the life of a hustler.
I am a hustler
I am Gangster.
I am a hustler,
I am a gangster.
We nah informer, it?s the life of a hustler.

[Verse 2:]
Deal with it, don?t talk he be about it, cause he a G about it.
I got a problem with a nigga, I go squeeze him out.
What the fuck I am going to talk to the police about.
I am from the streets doing the type of shit you read about.
I cooped the Chrome 45 under pressure.
And then address ya, now ya froze on the streture.
You wanted trouble, and I wouldn?t settle lesser.
I am the devil in the flesh, my pistol is my protector.
See my reflection as it fades in the black,
When I reappear on a nigga. It?s a ragging attack yeah.
And soloulome swear, any problem I here.
I just empty the clip, for him calling me to dis square.
That?s on my life, that causes me to represent the Mob.
Since you niggas want that heat I am about to turn up the knob.
To High Powered!


[Verse 3:]
Bitch nigga you catch a dead man walking.
One foot is inside of a grave.
The other one is in a closed top coffin.
You still talking, like you the old G,
When you was locked down thou you was low key.
The niggas told me they had you in Sig, in the Locust.
You were working with those boys and them,
And even had the nerve to try and talk to the streets.
Thinking that they bring some mark ass police.
And then he tried to sue a nigga,
But it got back to a nigga.
And when I see him, I am do the nigga.
So skip that funky ass deposition fools.
If you want it, crank it up.
That?s what I am about to do, to High Powered


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