Ll cool j - I fall in love
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Uh, uh
Girl when I watch you it's like a dream
You look like you stepped out a magazine
I feel like an addict, you make me fiend
As if you were dancin' on a triple beam
I watch your body move back and forth
That's the shit that make Strahan want a divorce
The move is such a seductive way
I feel like Reg in the bush with Kincaid
Never seen a girl in the world
That moves her body, like you do
Have to party, invitin' you
Wish I could spend my whole life with you
If that's too much just a night with you
Kick back and turn off the lights with you
As long as it's, exciting you
Whatever it is, I like it too

When I look in your eyes, I fall in love
Girl every time I look at your thighs, I fall in love
You're number one - tell all the guys I fell in love
You make me feel like I won a prize, I'm so in love
That good good love (I'm gonna make you love me)
(I'm gonna make you love me)
(I'm gonna make you love me)
(Love me, love) Stop playin' girl

If I'm victim of circumstance
It's because you're killin' me when you dance
I jump right out of that ambulance
Like B.I.G. I want "One More Chance"
I got questions, you got the answers
Your body is a ? but you have to master
I'm not your slave but I'm willin' to play
I'll search for oil, start drillin' away
Turn off your iPhone, we chillin' and hey
We'll be sippin' Patron, couple gallons a day
Let's take our clothes off, bombs away
Pick a song, Chris Brown, Ne-Yo or Ray J
To get you in the mood, now you ready to play
Come to my house, put your clothes away
There's no commitment, you don't have to stay
Just come with me, I'll set you free


What can I do!?
I'm in love with you!
What can I do!?
I'm in love with you! (Stop playin' girl)

The more I look at you, the more I get
Hypnotized, my nature rise
Before your eyes, I know you're sick
Of all the lies and alibis
From other guys, when I'm watchin' you
I get energized, I realize
We need surprise, variety
Is the spice of life, so I eat you up
Like apple pie, I like your flow
You're the star, this is your show
Speed it up, take it slow
Push it out, take it low
That helps a love like this to grow
If you're feelin' me girl let me know
I know that you are respectable
But this type of healin' is sexual


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