Lil Wayne Birdman - So Tired

What it is nigga?
I fucking love it!
We ride and die for this money nigga! (Haha)
It's your turn..

I got 'em (believe that)

[Chorus x2: Lil Wayne]
And i'm so tired of this grind,
But they say I ain't grindin', if I ain't tired,
So i'm grindin' with my eyes wide,
Lookin' to find a the way through day a life for da' night,
Dear lord took so many of my people,
And I'm just wondering why you never take my life,
So what the hell am I doing right (yeah)

[Verse 1: Birdman]
Dear lord, help me, get up out this water
Cant go under cause I got my son and my daughter,
I cant beat that, we cant do that,
We had to get it how we live nigga fuck that,
Off in da' jungle playin' with the drums,
Niggas don't play homie nigga empty one,
On the rip nigga fuckin' with the other shit
Tryin' to get money flip a nigga a whole brick,
Watch pots fall off (top) watch the homie hittin' the pen just rollin' with the old dogs,
Nigga solute and we get ritches,
Money to the celin' nigga doin' big bussiness,
So I pray so we do it right,
Fucking with the family bitch, nigga we could do it tonight
So fuck who made ya, fuck who raised ya lil' homie I paid ya

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2: Birdman]
Sittin' at the funeral, lookin' at my sister,
Thinking about the times and I already miss her,
Junior on my side, pistol in my pocket,
Comore right there at my nephews drivin',
Fucked up daddy, I see the fire in my eye,
I'm down here hustling, but my heart is in the sky,
Shipped and changed mah, doin' my thang mah,
I got my lil' homie number one in the game now,
Hope these pussies don't play with my son,
I'ma put it out... Nigga as quick as it come,
I'ma put it out nigga empty the drum,
Daddy whole family cryin' bitch were rich and we won!
(We kill)
(Stunna' baby)

[Chorus: x2]

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