Sunz of man - Banksta'z
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[Intro: movie sample]
We are all obligated to pay off the debt
The national debt to these international banksters
That's - that's the bottom line
The bottom line is money
International banksters, gangsters
Yes, the banksters, banksters, banksters...

[Intro: Hell Razah]
60 Second Assas', (black banksta'z) S.O.M. original (black banksta'z)
Wu Killa Beez, Sunzini, 12 O'Clock
Aiyo Knight, we bout to pop it off (John the Baptist, aiyo, we all)

[Hell Razah]
Banksta, polish my shoes, tiltin' my hat
Rockin' my jewels, knowledge my booze, kissin' my gat
Aiyo, P, we need that walk child money
We be hungry, death to these niggas who take from me
I rep for the ghetto and cities, states and countries
White t-shirts and blue dungaries, smokin' on a ton of weed
Landin' on land that's overseas
In them S.U.V.'s and we polly for more g's
Who that sphinx in a mint jump suit, don't make me fling you
My two wizards, casino sisters, I'll have 'em drain you
It's painful to live in our shoes, hit you with jewels
All my banksta'z, get in the groove, rubbin' your ooze
Cop anchors like Italians and Jews, we bring it to you like
Prophecy news, for all ya'll Kay Slays, Flexes and Clues

[Chorus: 60 Second Assassin (Hell Razah)]
Banksta'z (black billionaires ownin' companies)
Banksta'z (you ever see some Malcolm X currency?)
We straight bankstaz (project fakers, hallway casinos)
Banksta'z (we roll like Shaft, die like Pacino)

[60 Second Assassin]
I'm a banksta, I watch 'em go 'head, I keep money, and hop on these
So money never meant a thing to me, yo watch me go on, I got dough, shoppin' spree
I'm a banksta, I keep money, so fresh from the heels
Money never meant a thing to me, Killa Bee killed, Bedstuy
I'm a banksta, I keep money, with somethin' real for your grill
Money never meant a thing to me, packin' steel, fuck around
I got it growin' on trees, and it's this heat you will feel
I'm a banksta, half of you six, just take it back in the booth
Never you knew, not even more or less, half of my crew
Takin' your loot, beat you to you're black and turn blue
Watch us, Black Satin, we the banksta'z, bring it on through (Black banksta'z)
Fuck who you knew, son in your booth, my nizzle what the fuck you gon' do
Material untaxable, so any trap will do, cause I'mma mack it on through
60 Second, I'mma bash your whole crew

[Chorus: 60 Second Assassin (Hell Razah)]
Banksta'z (acres and mortages on houses)
We straight banksta'z (we add and multiply cash by the thousands)

[Prodigal Sunzini]
We bank up with money bags and bring trucks made my Jaguar
S.O.M., where money's is deep dish, we eat fish
P-Sun, banksta one, where is my guns
Measure my temple, treasure my mental, ya'll niggas limble
Now got your dentals, through your dimpels, it's all so simple then
Bank, off that green brocco', chocolate expresso
Twist a wetto, 36 strong, in Puerto Rico, fly tolitos
Die for my people, ride for my people

[Chorus: 60 Second Assassin]
Banksta'z (get that street money)
Banksta'z (that weed money)
We straight banksta'z (and street money)
Straight banksta'z (get that freak money)

Yo, my street officials, is bust through this municipal
Building, and snatch back the entrance off my principal
Banksta'z, my bank account is strictly digital
High royalty visiduals, my staff be made invisible
Banksta'z, fuckin' the President daughter
Resident out in Florida, platinum plaques on the corridor
We those banksta'z, that shit rhyme was gangsta
You may catch me down on Lakerson, pushin' the eighteen inch anchor
One hundred pennyweight boy, the black mini tank
Just caught a quarter mill' in cash, up from Citibank

[Chorus: 60 Second Assassin]
Banksta'z (get that street money)
Banksta'z (that weed money)

[12 O'Clock]
Banksta'z, gettin' that dough, shootin' that fo'
At them jealous muthafuckas tryin' stop our flow
We them banksta'z, 2 On The Road, two on the globe (street money)
Doin' shows in Alaska where it's twenty below
Be them banksta'z, (that weed money), Benz truck, hummers in the snow
Wit them twenty inch rims, lookin' fifty four
Double barrel shotgun, fuck sawin' it off
Blow a nigga head off, if he sneeze or cough
Whose the boss, 12 O'Clock, nigga, Sunz, of course
Carry a fifty g check in my Wu-Tang shorts
We them banksta'z

[Chorus: 60 Second Assassin]
Banksta'z (get that street money)
Banksta'z (that weed money)
We straight banksta'z (and street money)
Banksta'z (get that freak money)
(Weed money, that street money)


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