The Grouch - I'm Here

Pressure, can't sleep, worried, up late
Anger, much hate, danger, what's fate
Stranger, future, slangin, truth to
tangle, you to, get your scratch on
Bitch my platform is here, get off
I'm pissed off and, you ain't shit
Now who can't grip it, angry can't see sober
Paint me, over
Know your style I don't I won't be easy
Don't you tease me with them white lies
Grouch I'm quite size extra large and
I ain't chargin, shit to game
I fit the frame so get the picture
Quick the fixture, save it, crave it
Grave about it, rave I doubt it
Route it, there, will they care?
I swear up clear up, bear my temper
Too intense for those with nosense
Wrote shit so dense rock my hits
You caught my drift yeah right, yeah right
I'm too tight, stiff for the relapse
Weird thought, I'm limp when they react
Skip when they be at, boring places
Scoring aces when I serve
And I know I've been observed
I heard them words and been disturbed
And I know they been deserved
But a bird told me that I'm a bird
Movin, movin, music I have

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