Poetic Hustla'z - Weekend Buzz
Overige artiesten: Krayzie Bone

Smoke some weed
Keep me high
Til I die, die, I'll be high, high
I feel my weekend buzz
Cause I'm still fucked up from the weekday
Weekend buzz, 'cause I'm still fucked up from the weekday

[Boogy Nikke]
I'm lovin' my weekend buzz
I smoke my swisha sweet with honey
Tony Tone, ge,t me a light to make a shit
Hit the light - did you pin the playa hation last night?
I'm gettin' stick it while I'm pinnin' all the sticky intentions
And the bitches and all them rag-to-riches-ass niggas
Take me back to the time when we was all in the back
And I jack that nigga for his swoll, twenty sack
Now what would ya do if a nigga had a blunt
And never smoked with you like you do?

[Tony Tone]
Just pass that blunt over to me
And let me hit that Henessey
Cause I'm still fucked up from last night
But a nigga like me got the sticky
I mean I gotta have mo' weed than little bit
I need that icky sticky shit before I have a weed fit
Cause drinkin' brews is nothin' new to me
P.O.D. and that's my speciality everyday and that's how life should be
All day long keep my head full of smoke
Until my lungs can't take no more
I guess I continue to choke, and smoke, and choke
I feel my weekend buzz, 'cause I'm still fucked up from the weekday

[Mo! Hart]
I'm sittin' on the side of my bed, just gettin' up
Nigga, these days I gotta wake up to a fat-ass blunt
Gettin' high is like a bare necessity
Just the feelin' that I get sometimes get the best of me
I'm already in my own world
But now it's enhanced by this green shit that I'm holdin' in hands
Spark up the flame, prepare for the countdown
'Cause, shit, I know damn well what's 'bout to go down
Smoke-session 'bout to go down
What? It's 'bout to go down

It's the last day of the week, finally Friday
And high we unwind, been handlin' millions
Collectin' chips, so now I want to get high tonight
Pockets tight, any tighter - they just might rip
When you get your money right, nigga
You smoke how much you like, and it's nice
Love marijuana, weed, la la, la la, whatever ya wants to call it
It's all good if it keeps me high
Here's another weed song, now sing along
Get your reefer on - Whoo!
Nigga, get ya reefer on
Remember "Buddah Lovaz?"
One, after another
Yeah, now, how high can you go
'cause you know we can choke (choke)?
You know we can choke (choke, choke)
Yeah, ha ha, nigga
I said you know we can choke (choke, choke, choke, choke)

[Boogy Nikke]
It's my weed, punk, we get on 'til the break of dawn
Whatever you want, Tony Tone
Then bring it on, rollin' blunt after blunt

[Mo! Hart]
Puffin' and chokin' 'til I P.O.D

I'm goin' broke on reefer smoke, done spent up all of my cheese

Smoke some weed
Keep me high
I said my weekend buzz
Cause I'm still fucked up from the weekday
Til I die, die, I'll be high, high

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